Ben Sasse: Democrats ending filibuster and expanding Supreme Court would be 'suicide bombing' of government

Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) on Capitol Hill. Tom Williams / CQ Appeal, Inc via Getty Images
Senator Ben Sasse proposed Joe Biden and the Senate Democrats for refusing to present their position on expanding the Supreme Court and called on the party to consider eliminating the filibuster, according to The Hill.
"What they are really talking about - or refusing to talk about - is the suicide attack on two branches of government," said Sasse.
Joe Biden has stated that he will express his position on adding seats to the Supreme Court after the election.
Amid the question of how Judge Amy Coney Barrett would rule in major cases, Sasse defended her, saying she was "very clear about her jurisdiction" as an "originalist and textualist".
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Senator Ben Sasse on Sunday harshly criticized Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for refusing to present his position on expanding the Supreme Court and called on Senate Democrats to consider eliminating the filibuster if they get a majority in November should win, says The Hill.
Speaking to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, the first-term GOP senator said any attempt to break the 60-vote rule to push legislation and add seats to the Supreme Court would be a "suicide bombing." Government would be equal. When asked about his position on court packaging, Biden has repeatedly said that he did not want his decision to be a headline and that he would state his position after the November election.
"It is grotesque that Vice President Biden is not answering this really fundamental question," said Sasse. "And it's not just one branch of government. What they are really talking about - or refusing to talk about - is the suicide attack on two branches of government."
He added, "The point is to blow up the consultative structure of the US Senate by getting rid of the filibuster and making it possible to turn the Senate into another House of Representatives that is 51-49 or every two years 49-51 Majority, big chunks of American life are changing. And they're talking about doing that to grab the Supreme Court. "
Hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump's candidate to succeed the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Supreme Court, are due to begin this week amid Democratic outcry over their ideology and the accelerated timeline of the confirmation process.
Sasse expressed his support for Barrett in the interview and said that she was "very clear about her case law, she was an originalist and a textualist".
Amid fierce speculation about how she would rule in cases where affordable care or abortion law is threatened, Sasse added that judges "don't hold political positions" and that "we shouldn't have Democrats or Republicans on the committee try to find out how can they guess the future, how they will rule in certain cases? "
If Barrett were confirmed in the Supreme Court, it would cement a Conservative majority of 6-3 in the bench. Biden has firmly insisted that the November election winner should make the judicial nomination.
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