'Best sugar cookies ever': Great-great-grandmother's recipe handed down for 5 generations

It's a sweet recipe that has been passed down by a family for over a century.
Samantha Black's great-great-grandmother Lewellyn Kerstetter was born in Pennsylvania in 1889 and raised four daughters alone during the Great Depression. She supported her family by working as a typesetter and soda fountain, and doing other odd jobs. Kerstetter, whose grandparents immigrated to the United States from Germany, was also one of eight children and enjoyed looking after their family members - especially cooking and baking for them.
Lewellyn Kerstetter's sugar biscuit recipe has been passed down by her family for a century. (Terri Peters / TODAY)
A sugar biscuit recipe came from Kerstetter's kitchen that has been passed down over five generations. Black recently shared her great-great-grandmother's famous recipe on the Old_Recipes subreddit and gave her fellow redditers the chance to try a tried and true family vacation recipe.
"These cookies are part of the Christmas memories for me and my sister and cousins," Black, who is from Baltimore, Maryland and currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, told TODAY Food. "During the holidays, the children slept in the basement and woke up with our parents, aunts and uncles laughing so loudly at us in the kitchen. We didn't mind, however, as we had to eat cookies for breakfast the morning after we saw each other. ""
Due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions, Black said she will not be seeing her parents and sister this holiday season. However, sharing comments on her Reddit post from others who created her family's cookie recipe was an unexpected way to get in touch with her mom during the pandemic.
When planning my own Christmas baking plan, I decided to try Black's family recipe to see if these sugar cookies are really Santa-worthy.
Kerstetter's sugar cookie dough gets
Kerstetter's biscuits are made from basic sugar biscuit ingredients, with tartar added to the mixture of flour, sugar, eggs and oil. After mixing some batter and refrigerating for a full day, my cookies were ready to bake.
This dough rolls out smoothly and bakes to 350 F in just eight minutes. I decorated my cookies with Christmas sprinkles before baking, but these delicacies that are firm on the outside, tough on the inside are perfect for decorating icing too.
The taste of the cookies is buttery and sweet and warm out of the oven, my kids couldn't get enough of them.
These flavourful, buttery sugar cookies are going to be our favorite sugar cookie recipe on Christmas Eve. (Terri Peters / TODAY)
The judgment? We'll definitely be leaving great-great-grandma Kerstetter's cookies for the man in red in our house this Christmas Eve.
Black said she was thrilled that so many Redditors love their cookies - but she's not surprised.
Lewellyn Kerstetter was born in Pennsylvania in 1889. (Samantha Black)
"My family has always been about sharing this recipe as we all feel like we are the best sugar cookies ever," she said. "I thought some people might enjoy making them and maybe start new traditions for their holidays - something about sugar cookies is so typical of Christmas."
"I didn't expect so many people to want to try them," added Black, "but looking back, I'm not that surprised because they are really a hell of a good cookie."
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