Beverly Hills bans more than 10 people gathering at night after protesters ‘disrupt the tranquility’ and looters target luxury stores

A rally in support of Black Lives Matter in front of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences on Friday, June 5, 2020, in Beverly Hills, California: AP Photo / Chris Pizzello
The city of Beverly Hills has banned nighttime gatherings of more than 10 people in residential streets or public areas after two major protests that "disturbed the calm".
City manager George Chave issued the proclamation on Saturday after a second Occupy group protest in a residential area that started on Friday evening and continued into early Saturday.
It contained "megaphones and amplified music" during hours when people normally slept.
Before the incident on Friday, May 30, there was "widespread violence and property damage by people who took advantage of the protests against the tragic death of George Floyd," the proclamation said.
The shops on Rodeo Drive were destroyed and some were looted during the riots that day. These looting operations appeared to be separate from the Black Lives Matter protesters who organized the meeting, CBS LA reported.
The new rules apply between 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. for each “gathering” defined as “gathering, demonstration, picket, rally, gathering, or group of ten or more people or vehicles, or a combination thereof, with a common purpose, design. or goal ".
A silent assembly is excluded from the order, for example a candlelight vigil.
Meetings on private property are also excluded. Since the proclamation only applies to residential areas, it does not include the city's business district.
In the Friday night incident, the Beverly Hills Police Department used tear gas and sponge-tipped projectiles on protesters as they left Santa Monica Boulevard and turned into a residential street.
Several protesters were injured when the police dispersed them despite following the order, Los Angeles Magazine reports vividly.
The police department said in a statement that demonstrators had invaded private property, thrown objects, and pointed a laser at officials.
"The Occupy protesters continued to attack and start attacking officers by pointing lasers at their faces and eyes, a crime in California," a department spokesman said. "BHPD aimed sponge projectiles with lasers at demonstrators and threw objects at officers."
No arrests were made.
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