Biden-Harris fly swatters quickly sell out but there's a Mike Pence bobblehead complete with a fly and swatter

The buzz for the fly that landed on Mike Pence's head during Wednesday night's Vice-Presidential Debate resulted in the Biden Harris campaign selling - and then selling - "Truth Over Flies" fly-swats.
Almost 35,000 of the fly swatters were sold after the debate, the Biden campaign confirmed. The campaign's online shop listed the claps as sold out on Thursday.
“We saw the internet and our supporters share a viral moment online, so our digital team came together on the spur of the moment to show that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris always keep the truth about lies, the science about fiction and oneness decide on the split, "said Zach McNamara, the director of goods for the Biden campaign said in a statement.
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The $ 10 fly swatter quickly went on sale after the debate. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's Twitter account also tweeted a photo of the former vice president with a fly swatter, saying "Pitch in $ 5 to help this campaign fly".
"Whether it's a t-shirt, a billboard or a fly swatter, our unionized American-made merchandise business always reflects those values ​​and brings people together during high-energy moments like the debates," said McNamara.
Actress Kerry Washington tweeted she bought a fly swatter early Thursday morning, and Twitter user @taradublinrocks tweeted, "Everyone on @TeamJoe deserved a raise after tonight's epic trolling fundraiser # VPDebates2020 #flywillvote #flygate took place. "
Shirts, mugs, face masks with Kamala Harris' "I speak" comment were also quickly put up for sale by Etsy sellers.
While the campaign's fly swatter sold out, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also known as PETA, made an offer for the campaign and sent one of their humane insect traps to Biden.
"Just like PETA sent humane insect traps to Candidates Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama after their encounters with insects on television, we're sending a new one to Joe Biden from the PETA Mall in the hopes that his team will market these cruelty-free devices to good-hearted people Americans, instead of getting angry about insects, "PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement and also tweeted.
PETA told USA TODAY that the insect catcher "helps people move uninvited six- and eight-legged houseguests outside" and is the # 1 seller at PETA Mall.
Mike Pence Fly Bobblehead with Fly and Fly Swatter for Sale
The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and the National Bobblehead Museum announced on Thursday the pre-sale of a Mike Pence Fly Bobblehead, which is expected to ship in early 2021.
The bobbleheads are available from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Museum online shop for $ 25 each plus shipping.
The bobblehead shows Pence who was dressed with a bow tie on his head on Wednesday night. It has a plexiglass-like barrier and a removable mini fly swatter
"There was a lot of talk about the fly on social media last night, and when we received several requests for a pence and bow tie bobblehead, we knew we had to get to work," Co-Founder and CEO Phil Sklar told a press release .
The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and the National Bobblehead Museum sell a Mike Pence Fly Bobblehead.
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This article originally appeared in TODAY: Mike Pence and the Fly: Corporations are seizing the viral moment of debate

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