Biden-Harris hay bale display in Massachusetts set on fire 24 hours after it was finished

A large display of hay bales on a farm in western Massachusetts, stacked and painted in support of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his runmate Kamala Harris, was set on fire Friday night.
Police in Dalton, Massachusetts arrested the man they said was responsible the next day.
Members of Holiday Brook Farm in Berkshire County painted the hay, piled three bales high, white with the words USA, Biden, Harris, Vote and 2020. The project, visible from a nearby state road, was completed on Thursday.
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Owners and members of Holiday Brook Farm in Dalton, Massachusetts closed the Biden-Harris hay bale display Thursday. It was burned within 24 hours.
The organizers wanted to create a response to the signs and flags that support President Donald Trump and surpass the Biden images in the rural community.
"We only did it to be heard," Kate Pike, a farm manager, told USA TODAY. "We wanted to be louder."
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But at 6:42 p.m. Friday night, the Dalton Fire Department arrived at the farm after farmers discovered the 1,000-pound hay bales on fire.
"It went up in flames within 24 hours," said Pike. "So it didn't take long."
The Biden Harris hay bale display in Dalton, Massachusetts after it was set on fire Friday night.
Dicken Crane, the owner of the farm, posted pictures of the fire on Facebook.
"It is actually hard to believe that if someone said they loved this country they would," he wrote.
Dalton police said they arrested 49-year-old Lonnie Durfee and charged him with burning personal property. He will be charged on Tuesday. Police said the investigation was still ongoing.
Pike said she didn't know the person personally but heard him boasting friends about the fire shortly afterwards.
"I think they were bragging about it and it wasn't hard to find him. And when they caught up with him, he confessed."
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The five recovered bales - the letter "B", "H", "Vote" and an American flag - are on display on the farm for the time being. Farmers plan to get back to work soon to fully rebuild their project.
"Oh yeah. If we don't, our church will get together and build a shield," Pike said. "Something will rise. We are not afraid and we will be louder."
Members of the Holiday Brook Farm in Dalton, Massachusetts paint the Biden-Harris display Thursday.
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This article originally appeared in the US TODAY: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris hay bales are set on fire

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