Biden on fracking: Mike Pence repeatedly claimed Democrat wants to ban practice — but he’s never said that

Mike Pence, vice president. made claims about fracking (AP) on Wednesday
Mike Pence reiterated the claim that a Joe Biden administration would end fracking during his debate with Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris.
In the midst of a discussion on the environment and the climate crisis on Wednesday night, Mr Pence made the unsubstantiated claim that the Democratic presidential candidate would "ban fracking".
Instead, the Democratic presidential candidate said he would not ban the controversial drilling practice because the United States would have to "switch" to newer and cleaner sources of energy.
He told CNN's Anderson Cooper last month that "fracking needs to continue because we need a transition, we will be net zero by 2050," adding that "there are currently no reasons [it] to eliminate".
The climate protection plan proposed by Mr Biden, meanwhile, does not mention a ban on hydraulic fracking - also known as fracking - but suggests "banning new oil and gas permits for public land and water".
These proposals would not provide coverage for fracking in the United States, but could restrict those operations with restrictions on operating permits and insurance policies for fracking companies.
Ms. Harris on Wednesday endorsed Mr. Biden's plans, saying, "I'll repeat, and the American people know that Joe Biden will not ban fracking. That is a fact."
She argued that a Biden Harris administration would instead create new jobs based on "clean energy and renewable energies" when the US switched to cleaner energy sources.
The Vice President's claims also come in spite of the fact that no US president has been able to ban fracking companies from operating. According to the Bureau of Land Management, around 90 percent of the country's wells break on private property.
President Donald Trump has made similar claims in the past about Mr Biden's plans to appeal to swing state voters whose communities have seen a boom in shale gas production from fracking.
Activists and progressive Democrats, meanwhile, have urged Mr Biden to pass a proposed Green New Deal that takes a tougher stance on tackling the climate crisis.
However, the candidate has avoided the endorsement that Mr Trump and Mr Pence have labeled as part of what is known as a "radical left agenda."
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