Biden says Republican Party is 'fractured,' thanks to Trump

President Biden said Monday that the Republican Party was now "down sharply in number" and that the wing led by former President Donald Trump constitutes "a significant minority of the American people."
At a press conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Biden was asked by Washington Post reporter Anne Gearan what assurances he could give Western allies who, given the power that Trump still wields among his supporters, even after the unrest in the US Capitol from 6.
"What I'm telling them is, 'Take care of me," "Biden replied. "They [the allies] believe, like me, that the American people will not uphold such behavior."
Biden went on to describe the Republican Party as a declining force in American politics.
"I think it is fair to say that the Republican Party has fallen sharply in numbers," he said. "The leadership of the Republican Party is broken and the Trump wing of the party is the bulk of the party, but they make up a significant minority of the American people."
A recent Gallup poll seems to confirm Biden's assessment. According to the poll published in early April, the GOP is facing the lowest percentage of Republican identifiers, falling to 25 percent since 2018. While 49 percent of Americans identified themselves as Democrats or Independents who leaned towards the Democratic Party, only 40 percent of respondents said they were either Republican or Republican, the biggest gap since 2012.
President Biden during a press conference at the NATO summit in Brussels on Monday. (Patrick Semansky / AP)
“I would suggest that the leaders I face in NATO and the G-7 are leaders who know our recent history, know the character of the American people in general, and know where the huge center of the public is stands - not Democrats / Republicans. "But who we are," said Biden.
On his first overseas trip as president, Biden also attributed the successful COVID-19 vaccination spurt to the character of the American people, praising them for “standing up and saying what we believe and not engaging in the overwhelming exaggeration that comes with it ". Engaged by so many today. ... When I said I was going to deal with beating the virus, I wanted to focus on it, I was going to get millions of shots in people's arms, it wasn't me. I only knew the American people. "
Nor did Biden shy away from shooting directly at Trump, who turned 75 on Monday, and portraying him as a leader whose time has passed.
"What happened in terms of the aftermath of President Trump's false populism," said Biden, before focusing on Republican efforts to block the creation of a bipartisan congressional commission to investigate the January 6 uprising. “It is disappointing that so many of my Senate Republican colleagues whom I know better, e. Ultimately, we have gone through times like this before in American history where there has been this reluctance to risk your re-election because of the nature of your party's politics at the moment. I think this will pass; I don't mean frivolously. That is why it is so important that I am successful with my agenda. "
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