Biden Says Trump Is Responsible for His COVID Diagnosis: 'I View Wearing This Mask ... as Patriotic'

Although he had softened a tone following President Donald Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis - until the president walked out of the hospital Monday night and said people had to "learn to live with it" - Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden did during one NBC no words crushed news town hall.
"Anyone who catches the virus by essentially saying," Masks don't matter, social distancing doesn't matter. "I think they are responsible for what happens to them," Biden, 77, said of Trump , 74, during the event. Broadcast from Miami.
The comments came amid Trump's drive to rewrite the discussion around his novel coronavirus response so as not to let the virus "dominate" - what critics say reduces and ignores the simpler precautions the president has ignored, such as wearing Practice of masks and social distancing.
Since leaving the hospital on Monday, the president has tried to send a message of strength in the face of the highly contagious virus. He has wondered aloud if he is now "immune" to a disease he was diagnosed with less than a week ago.
It's also returned to a familiar point: the virus is no comparatively more dangerous than the season's flu, despite the fact that tens of thousands more people have been killed in the US.
The coronavirus pandemic has become the overarching theme of the 2020 presidential campaign. That point was made worse when Trump tested positive for the virus even after months of avoiding masks and social distancing and disapproval of the severity of the disease.
Federal health officials have repeatedly emphasized that wearing a mask is an important preventative measure, well beyond the future development of a vaccine.
"What kind of macho thing is that - 'I won't wear a mask?' What's the deal here? ”Biden said at NBC City Hall.
The former vice president, who Trump has claimed to impose severe public health restrictions and endless bans, told host Lester Holt: "I see wearing this mask not so much as protection, but as a patriotic responsibility."
Trump has also called the wearing of masks "patriotic", although he vacillates when he wears one himself and even pokes fun at Biden for wearing one during the presidential debate last week.
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Andrew Harnik / AP / Shutterstock Former Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks at an NBC News town hall in Miami on Monday
NICHOLAS KAMM / Getty Images President Donald Trump returns to the White House from the hospital on Monday evening
The Biden campaign announced that it would temporarily run negative ads to Trump after his positive diagnosis.
Trump left the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday evening to return to the White House three days after being hospitalized for COVID-19. As soon as he got back to the White House, the President could be seen taking off his mask outside while other people were nearby, although he was still contagious.
"One thing is for sure: don't let yourself be dominated. Don't be afraid of it. You will beat it," Trump said in a message from the White House after leaving Walter Reed, where he could afford leading medical care to the average patient not available, including experimental treatment.
"We have the best medical equipment, we have the best drugs, all of them recently developed. And you will beat it," he continued.
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When asked about that moment by Holt on Monday, Biden said, "I would hope that the President - after going through what he was through ... - would teach the American people the right lesson: masks are important. "
Even after Trump and a number of other White House insiders tested positive for the virus and cases continue to rise in parts of the country, he and his campaign surrogates have encouraged states to reopen Biden and blamed him for continuing on the wearing consists of masks and experts listening.
Trump responded to Biden's town hall appearance in a tweet sent on Tuesday calling it an "absolute" joke. ""

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