Biden tells reconciliation bill holdouts they can either side with him or against the middle class

President Joe Biden on Thursday unveiled a negotiating strategy to mobilize support among Democratic objectors for his multi-trillion dollar budget adjustment proposal.
White House officials told the Washington Examiner the new strategy would make voting a fork in the road: Members can either protect the current economic status quo or shake hands with the middle class.
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One official added that the president's spending agenda, of which nearly $ 3 trillion would be funded through tax hikes for the business and the rich, is not about punishing the rich, but rather "the cost of raising a child, for." prescription drugs, for caring for an aging parent, healthcare, high-speed internet, and hearing aids. "
Biden's new framing comes as centrist Democrats, including Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, continue to raise concerns about the overall size of the Build Back Better package, which is currently $ 3.5 trillion. Is in addition to the $ 1.2 trillion non-partisan infrastructure package.
“I think we are at a turning point in this country. One of those moments when the decisions we are going to make can - literally change - the development of our nation for years and possibly decades to come, ”the President said during a speech at the White House. “Every turning point in this nation's history represents a fundamental decision. I believe America is facing such a decision right now, and the choice is this: Will we proceed with an economy where most of the benefits become too great ? Corporations and the very rich, or are we using this moment now to take this country on a new path? A country that invests in this country, creates real sustainable economic growth and benefits everyone, including the working population and middle class people? We haven't understood that in this country for decades. "
“This is an opportunity to be the nation we know we can be, a nation where all of us - all of us, not just those at the top - reap the benefits of a growing economy for years to come participate. "he concluded." Let's not waste this moment trying to maintain an economy that hasn't worked so well for Americans in a long time. Let's not look back and try to rebuild what we had to rebuild better. "
Assuming no Republicans vote “yes” to the budget vote, it will take Biden all 50 Democratic votes to send the bill to his desk. Government officials confirmed that a "way forward" for the $ 3.5 trillion package should be discussed at the president's meetings on Wednesday with both Manchin and Sinema.
"Today's meeting was productive and Kyrsten continues to work in good faith with her colleagues and President Biden as this legislation evolves," a Sinema bureau spokesman said Wednesday evening.
Still, Arizona Junior Democratic Senator Mark Kelly recently ceased to fully support Biden's plan, though not to the same extent as Manchin and Sinema.
"The details are important to me," he told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday. "What do we buy and then how do we pay for it? But our country still has needs that go beyond the physical infrastructure."
Meanwhile, several Republican groups have not only praised Manchin and Sinema for defying "dangerously reckless" spending by GOP officials, but are launching new multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns against Biden's groundbreaking law.
America First Policy Institute, a nonprofit founded by former Trump Administration Director, Home Affairs Councilor Brooke Rollins, plans to invest $ 10 million in ads against BBB in Arizona, West Virginia, and other purple states. A senior AFPI official told the Washington Examiner that around 100 conservative groups across the country are expected to contribute to the initiative, including Freedom Works, the Conservative Partnership Institute and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity.
"Biden's economic agenda has one goal in mind - to reshape America and the principles on which our nation was founded," she told the Washington Post. "These policies threaten American prosperity, small businesses, the economic health of every American family, and our standing in the world."
Kaelan Dorr, an AFPI spokesman, told the Washington Examiner that the Biden administration “is actively undermining the incredible economic gains we have seen under the previous administration and have done nothing but the American people to take advantage of its disastrous agenda on a daily basis. "
"It offers no solutions. It just provides comments that are telepromptered to it," added Dorr. "The American people should hope for a curtain on this government disaster because no matter how many times they try to change the rules or redefine success, the American people will remember it when they vote."
Missouri Republican MP Jason Smith similarly claimed the budget reconciliation package would "unleash the most ruthless tax and spending plan in US history.
"All of this to reward wealthy environmentalists with billions and provide the top 1% tax break," he said in a statement to the Washington Examiner. "As recently confirmed by the CBO, inflation is here and the higher prices it brings are undermining working class wages."
A White House spokesman claimed these attacks were evidence that Biden was carrying on his campaign promise to achieve economic justice.
“President Biden was elected firmly last year because he promised to rebuild the middle class by putting places like Scranton off Wall Street and Park Avenue - and unlike his predecessor, he does this with an economic plan that will cut taxes and prices for working families by asking multinational corporations and the richest Americans to pay their fair share, "said Mike Gwin, White House spokesman, investing in the middle class and lowering the price of staples such as prescription drugs and health care."
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