'Big Bang Theory' Fans Rally Around Mayim Bialik After She Received Harsh Feedback

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Simon Helberg is making people laugh again - only this time it can be heard on Mayim Balik's podcast Mayim Bialik's Breakdown.
Two years after the former co-stars starred side-by-side in the 12th and final season of The Big Bang Theory, they reunited for As They Made Us. In April, Mayim made her directorial debut with the family drama, and Simon co-starred in it. Most recently, the Jeopardy! The host invited him to her podcast and they shared unique experiences, including when people approached them because they weren't Big Bang Theory fans. As viewers know, Simon played Howard Wolowitz and Mayim portrayed Amy Farrah Fowler.
"What's famous is the idea people gave me, especially when the show was on, they'd come and be like, 'Listen, I hate your show,'" Simon told Mayim and her co-host/boyfriend Jonathan Cohen.. "So they started talking to me. I mean every day. 'I f— can't stand your show, but my...' and then it would fill the gap: my uncle, my brother, my bus driver from high school, my rabbi, my dentist, my whatever."
Simon continued: "I thought you were all those people, right? ... This isn't about your eye doctor - you like the show! No, maybe not.”
In the background, Mayim couldn't help but laugh along and nod in agreement. "People would say, 'I don't like your show but my grandmother does,'" she added.
After recounting the not-so-pleasant encounters as a result of his role on the show, fans flooded Twitter to express their admiration for the cast of The Big Bang Theory.
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"Sorry people say I love the show. I watched every episode from start to finish and I'm still laughing out loud...great cast well done...and thanks for every laugh I was with you all the way," one person wrote in the comments Twitter. "Listen, I loved your show, but my whatever liked it [to]. The characters were relatable. The show outlined the struggles of being nerdy and dating. @missmayim Seeing Amy change as a person was a testament to your acting skills. @simonhelberg brisket never sounded so good," added another. "You and @simonhelberg are so amazing @missmayim. I absolutely love your performances on Big Bang Theory. The episode where Amy and Howard get together with Neil Diamond made me want to have a girlfriend like Amy or Howard," another chimed in.
All that said, even though the controversial series took off in 2019, it continues to make waves in entertainment. And ICYMI, fans of the show, can now get an even deeper dive into her roots with the upcoming book, The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series, due out October this year.
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