Bill Bellamy Won't Be Able to Attend Father's Funeral Due to Family Rift

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Bill Bellamy mourns the loss of his father and father-in-law who passed away within a few weeks.
TMZ reports that the comedian and actor must now decide which funeral to attend. His father-in-law, Bernard Baker Jr., died May 17, and Bellamy's father, William Bellamy Sr., died June 8.
Bill's sister Karen planned her father's funeral when Bill was out of the country and chose June 24, the same weekend as Bill's father-in-law's services. Both funerals take place in different states. Bill tried to get a restraining order to get Karen to change the date, but it was not granted, and a judge ruled that this is a situation they could become involved in. Still, it's clear that Bill and his sister aren't on the same page.
"In less than a month, I lost both my father, William Bellamy Sr., and my father-in-law, Bernard Baker Jr.," Bill told TMZ. "These two wonderful men who have impacted my life and the life of my family in ways that are beyond words."
He continued, "My attempt to prevent an unauthorized memorial service for my father, which was planned without my knowledge, was unsuccessful. I am devastated that my family must choose to miss one service for another, no one should ever have to be in that position. My father-in-law's funeral was confirmed back in May when he passed away."
"There are no words to express how disappointed I am not to be a part of my father's funeral, but I look forward to sharing my father's life and legacy with my wife, his grandchildren and our close friends in our own time to celebrate. Please pray for our families and give us the time to privately mourn and process these painful losses.”
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