Bill Burr's 'SNL' Monologue Criticized for Jokes on White Women, Cancel Culture, and Pride Month

Bill Burr is no stranger to questioning the waking culture and accepted mindset. When he brought this unorthodox way of criticizing society into the bright lights of Saturday Night Live, some viewers were outraged by his comments.
Burr's opening monologue had no shortage of hot-button-themed jokes. He attacked those speaking out against coronavirus regulations and breaking culture, but it was his jokes about appropriating oppression that took people by surprise. Burr stated that the waking culture was created for people with color but was kidnapped by white women who wanted to distance themselves from their hand in establishing racism.
Burr also asked why the LGBTQ + community is honored for the entire month of June while blacks are forced to limit their celebrations to a 28-day month. Instead, Burr suggested moving the month of Black History to July as the weather is better.
In a classic case of Hit Dogs Holler, there was a swarm of backlash for these comments from people who were personally offended by jokes.
While that outrage turned out to be the perfect example of irony, Burr was fortunate enough to have a healthy number of viewers who can read between the lines and catch contextual clues. As a result, his monologue resonated far beyond the noisy opponents.
Check out Bill Burr's full monologue above.
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