Bill Maher Rips Protest Era’s White “Guardians Of Gotcha” For Pushing U.S. Toward A “Re-Segregation Of Sorts”

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Bill Maher returned on Friday night during his final monologue to Real Time on a topic directly in his wheelhouse: Cancel culture during ongoing protests against Black Lives Matter.
"White people have to stop trying to cancel other people whose hearts are in the right place but don't get it right the first time," said Maher.
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Maher mocked recent incidents in which white people's reactions to the protests against racial injustice were put to shame and managed to avoid the expression "political correctness". But he uncoiled a series of examples that he ridiculed for effectively telling people that they were "helping wrong".
The Mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, opened an investigation into hate crimes for "slings" found on trees in a city park, although black Victor Sengbe, who put up the rope loops, said this was a practice manipulation. Maher also mentioned the backlash from posting black squares on Instagram to support Black Lives Matter and a tweet from Ellen DeGeneres. The moderator of the day's conversation, Maher wondered, had to delete a tweet that sometimes read: "People with color have been exposed to injustices for far too long" because it was viewed as offensively careful.
"I'm worried that the kind of tensions that the Gotcha guards create will frighten people to mix at all and will drive us back to a kind of re-segregation where we don't have just one Person and not see a color, now we only see color, ”he said. "Maybe old school liberalism speaks here, but I don't think that's the way to go."
Maher said it appears to have an uncomfortable feeling of competition. "Hate racism the most ?! You can't steal that. Elvis takes on Little Richard's plot - that was bad enough. "
Liberalism, said Maher, "should be lifting people up rather than knocking down people trying to say," I am on your side. "
He speared on the uncomfortable pushing and pulling that became common in 2020. "You want to be a good ally - but not too well, or you are a white savior. Use your voice - but don't do it about yourself! But speak - unless it's your time to just listen. And then silence means violence, "he said." Even if silence sometimes only means that someone has two jobs and three children. They have baby food on their shirt, no hatred in their hearts. "
Maher acknowledged that there are sometimes clearer examples of someone making a serious misstep worthy of being called out - but he argued that more leniency should be used. Maher mentioned a sports caster in Sacramento who was released after tweeting "All life is important" despite claiming that he didn't understand the racist overtones in the sentence. "Instead of a possible ally, we create a bitter unemployed," complained Maher.
Willow Smith, Maher said, offered some of the most accurate assessments of these difficult times. She recently condemned people to “shame others for what they want to say or shame people for not saying anything at all. I have the feeling that if we really want to change something, shame doesn't lead to learning. "
Maher said he would take his usual summer break for the next four weeks, but said he would return on July 31. Weekly new episodes, he said, "the campaigns, the conventions, the elections will pass through the Republic by the end of the year."
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