Billie Eilish says her racy British Vogue shoot helped her feel a 'little more confident in myself'

Billie Eilish says her controversial UK Vogue shoot helped her confidence. (Photo: REUTERS / Henry Nicholls)
Billie Eilish has drawn a lot of criticism since the release of her pin-up-inspired UK Vogue cover shoot, which she says cost her social media followers and fueled allegations that it sold out by Lingerie wears instead of the baggy clothes she is known for. But despite the uproar, the 19-year-old singer also credits her provocative shoot with giving her more confidence about her looks.
"I hated the way I looked before - I don't love it anymore, but I feel more confident and have become a lot more proud of myself and more open to things," said pop star Der Observer in a new interview.
Eilish has been vocal about her struggles with body image, something she accurately predicted British Vogue would upset critics as soon as she revealed her blonde, corset-clad transformation for the June 2021 cover.
“'If body positivity is your thing, why should you wear a corset? Why wouldn't you show your actual body? ’" The accompanying interview of the magazine quotes her in anticipation of the reactions to come. "My thing is that I can do what I want."
Speaking to the Observer, Eilish described the shoot as “so much fun.
“It was a dress up game, you know? Because that's a damn photo shoot. "
She added, “I'm just playing around! You know, I can wear what I want at any time, and everyone else too. It was fun to publish it in the world to change. You can't change yourself either. You can wear anything and say anything and do anything and be everything. "
That reflects what she recently told Vanity Fair about the aftermath of the shoot.
“I did the Vogue cover and it was a genre we shot for. It was an old type of Hollywood lingerie, a classic thing. And it was supposed to be a certain aesthetic for a photoshoot and then it was like 'Billie Eilish's new style' and people kept saying, 'Wow, your new style is so much better than the old style'. Or like, 'Wow, I wish we could have her old style back, I'm so sad that she just turned into this,' "she said.
"It was so weird because I thought it wasn't a new style, it's one thing that I've worn and then I'll wear this another day and then I'll do this," she continued. "I've literally been preaching since I started wearing what you want, just being open to new ideas and not letting people ruin you."
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