Bizarre TikTok hack might be the answer to those deep, 'throbbing' pimples: ‘I have tried everything’

The internet is a treasure trove of DIY acne remedies, ranging from toothpaste (don't do that) to apple cider vinegar to half a potato, according to Dental Care TikTok.
Celine Bouvie woke up one morning with a cystic pimple on her forehead. For those who have been blessed by angels or genetics and have never experienced one, a cystic pimple is a red, tender bump that is filled with pus. They're absolutely the worst and can't be popped.
"It hurts so much, it's like pounding my forehead," said Bouvie at the beginning of the video. "So I'm going to try the potato trick."
Bouvie cuts a baby yellow potato in half - for no other reason than what she had in her kitchen - places the inside of the potato on her forehead and glues it in place.
"Supposedly, the potato is supposed to suck the stuff out of the Zit and make the swelling go away," explained Bouvie. "I'll get you guys up to speed in six or seven hours."
Within three minutes, Bouvie said the pounding was gone.
"It's just like calming the area down, that's fantastic," she said.
Four hours later, Bouvie peeled the potato and showed a much smaller and less red bump on her forehead.
"Oh my God!" she said when she noticed the potato was shrinking the size of her pimple.
"Wait, I've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of this type of acne," commented one person. "I'll be so mad when a POTATO fixes this that I've had it for 6 years."
"My mom is wrapping potatoes on my forehead for a migraine, no wonder I don't get acne," added another user. Yes, apparently potatoes are a quick fix for migraines too.
"This is the best skin care video I've ever seen," wrote a third TikToker.
If you want to try this out, the first thing you need to realize is that you don't have to put half a potato on the spot. A thin slice is supposed to do the same amount of work.
The starches in the potato can reduce inflammation and absorb oil. Since potatoes are also high in vitamin C, they can help minimize discoloration from pimples.
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The post-TikTok potato hack might be the answer to those deep, terrible pimples: "I've tried everything" first appeared on In The Know.

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