Black bear shows ‘powerful exit strategy’ when confronted by a grizzly

A grizzly bear in Glacier National Park was entertaining a group of tourists from afar when it spotted a black bear and suddenly ran after it.
Realizing the dangerous situation it was in, the black bear immediately took action, using a convenient escape route - up a tree.
Anthony James recorded a video of the encounter and shared it with Glacier National Park, which posted it on their Facebook page.
"Usually comfortable when food is abundant, grizzly and black bears encounter each other more often when food is scarce - like in early summer," wrote Glacier National Park.
“While grizzly bears are larger and typically stronger than black bears, this black bear shows its strong exit strategy: climbing!
“The black bear's short, sharp claws are ideal for tree climbing. The grizzly's longer, blunt claws are great for digging, but bad for climbing - especially because an adult grizzly is much heavier than a black bear. "
Obviously, the aim of the grizzly was to prepare a meal for the black bear.
In 2013, Steve Michel, a human-animal conflict specialist in Banff National Park, cited five cases where a grizzly hunted, killed, and ate a black bear in Banff, according to an article by the CBC.
"It may not be as rare as we think," he told CBC. “But it's rare that we can actually document it. We usually don't even know ...
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“Grizzly bears are opportunistic hunters. They will use every source of food that is available. "
In this case, the black bear fled up a tree.
However, it was not known what happened after the video ended. We can only guess that the grizzly moved on and a relieved black bear came down from the tree and lived happily ever after.
Photo of a generic black bear from the Clip Art Library.

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