'Black Ink Crew' Star Ceasar Emanuel Addresses Viral Dog Abuse Video, Claims Someone Set Him Up

Black Ink Crew New York's Ceaser Emanuel, who has just been fired from VH1 after a video surfaced of him allegedly abusing dogs, claims the whole thing was a scam.
While speaking with TMZ's New York producer Seleah Bussey on Thursday night, Emanuel addressed the backlash he's faced over the viral clip that showed the tattoo shop owner hitting his dog multiple times with a folding chair .
According to Emanuel, he merely "finished" a "fight" between his dogs until one of them came after him.
"I know the footage everyone's seen, it looks crazy," he told the outlet. "Even when I look at it, it looks crazy. But it's a moment in time that I'd like to take back. I came home, my dogs are attacking each other. And I don't mean the normal, just play fights. I mean, they wanted to get at each other and basically try to kill each other."
He continued: "I separated the dogs. Now one of the dogs attacked me. I opened the garage door and tried to de-escalate it. But I was nervous. I won't tell you a lie I was nervous and scared. So at the end of the day I tried to push the dog back. I honestly tried to scare him. At no time have I attempted to abuse this dog. All I was trying to do was get him back in his cage."
Emanuel went on to explain that he was "threaded" as the leaked footage was from his ring camera.
"I don't know how the footage leaked," he said. "I know that was from my ring camera... I'll keep it with you. I kind of feel ripped off because the way I'm being portrayed isn't my character."
Earlier this week, Emanuel, who has starred in the long-running reality series since it premiered in 2013, was dropped from VH1.
"We have made the decision to sever ties with Ceaser Emanuel from Black Ink Crew New York," a series spokesperson told Deadline. As the next season was nearing completion of production, this decision will have no impact on the upcoming season.”
Check out Emanuel's full statement above.

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