Black Lives Matter protester shouts anti-gay slurs at NYC restaurant protest

A Black Lives Matter protester was caught on video calling a guardian angel with anti-gay remarks during a Monday protest sparked by the arrest of three black women in a Manhattan restaurant.
A protester wearing a black tank top and mask shouted in the face of a man identified as guardian angel patrol chief Joshua Penner, 77WABC News reported.
"Oh, that's very frank of you. ... You don't like gays?" Penner was seen calmly asking the protester.
"I love gays," replied the protester, then continued to use anti-gay remarks against bums.
Other protesters started yelling at bums, with one yelling, "Why are you here?" repeated at Penner.
When protesters asked bums to leave, he refused. "No, I won't go. I live here," he said.

"He has endured a lot of verbal abuse and physical threats," said Curtis Sliwa, leader of the Guardian Angels and Republican candidate for mayoral in New York. “He stood there and didn't let himself be drawn into the swearing, pointing and harassment. All they do is sell wolf tickets to fall into their trap.
“You were there to cause trouble. ... They just cause trouble, "added Silwa.
The Guardian Angels are a nonprofit, community-based group founded by Sliwa in New York City in 1979 and dedicated to defending inner-city communities against crime. They conduct security patrols led by volunteers who, according to the group's website, "are thoroughly trained in protecting themselves and others".
The protest took place at Carmine's Italian restaurant, where three Texas tourists were reportedly arrested and charged after a dispute over vaccination cards and dining at the restaurant broke out.
The three women, all black, Kaeita Nkeenge Rankin, 44, Tyonnie Keshay Rankin, 21, and Sally Rechelle Lewis, 49, claim the hostess used racist language when she excluded other members of her party who did not provide vaccination cards . The women were charged with assault and criminal mischief.
Carmine's owner Jeffrey Bank denies that its hostess used racist language in implementing the citywide mandate of restaurants requiring proof of vaccination.
“Three women brutally attacked our hostess without provocation, were arrested and charged with misconduct, and then in the past few days have their lawyers misrepresent their willful acts of violence in a cynical attempt to excuse their innocence. “Said the bank in a statement.
The Washington Examiner reached out to BLM Greater New York for comment but received no response.
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Original Author: Matthew Miller
Original location: Black Lives Matter protester yells anti-gay insults while protesting restaurant in NYC

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