Black pastor called 911 after alleged attack. The cops arrested him.

A Virginia sheriff apologized to a black pastor who was wrongly arrested after asking the authorities for help during a suspected white family attack earlier this month.
Pastor Leon McCray was at his house on June 1st when he saw two people trying to throw a fridge on his property, he said during a Sunday service. When McCray told them to stop, one person verbally attacked him and the other got three more.
McCray said all five people started verbally and physically assaulting him. They threatened to "kill me ... and told me that my black life doesn't matter," he said. Then he felt the need to draw his hidden weapon to save his life, he said. The group of people then left and McCray called 9-1-1 for help.
But when the authorities arrived, they didn't ask McCray what had happened, he said. They spoke to the white family of five who had just attacked him, he said.
"I haven't had a chance to speak," McCray said, adding that officials told him they had to arrest him for swinging a gun. "And I said, what about entering and attacking?"
Instead, McCray was "handcuffed in front of my attackers" by an officer who has known him from the community for over 20 years. He waved to me as I walked down the street ... you know how? is that disturbing? "
It was "a day that changed my life," said the pastor.
On Friday, the Shenandoah County sheriff, Timothy Carter, announced that the McCray branding lawsuit would be dropped and five people would be arrested after the sheriff's office "received arrest warrants for more stringent charges related to this investigation."
Picture: Pastor attacked (Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office)
Donny Salyers (43), Dennis Salyers (26), Farrah Salyers (42), Christopher Sharp (57) and Amanda Salyers (26) are charged with hate crimes and various attacks. Both Donny and Dennis Salyers are charged with assault and battery. Sharp and Amanda Salyers are also accused of entering.
"Everyone is currently being held without a bond. This is still an ongoing investigation," said Carter.
The family was arrested after Carter met with McCray on June 3 to discuss the incident.
"It was clear to me that the branding charge was certainly not appropriate. As I said to Mr. McCray, I probably would have done the same if I had faced similar circumstances," Carter said in a statement, referring to it the pastor who pulls out his weapon for self-defense.
According to Carter, on June 1, Sheriff MPs responded to a call from a "person wielding a firearm." When they arrived, they arrested McCray.
"I apologized to Mr. McCray and I appreciate his patience as I worked through these matters," said Carter, adding that he put two of his superiors on unpaid administrative leave, "while completing the first review and administrative review have incident. "
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