Black Twitter Slammed ‘Insecure’ Star Yvonne Orji After She’s Accused Of Being A Real Life ‘Molly’

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Black Twitter wasn't too happy with Insecure actress Yvonne Orji this week.
Negative gossip about the star began to buzz on social media on October 11th after a Twitter user named @thecrystal uncut recalled a "rude" encounter she had with the 37-year-old celebrity. The user, also known as Crystal for short, shared the surprising tidbit after responding to another social media visitor who asked, "Who was the 'meanest' celebrity you have ever met?"
Then, in a series of tweets, Crystal began to end her strange exchange with Orji, which happened to be at a women's empowerment event.
"I met Yvonne Orji at a WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE. She was about to give her speech and I asked for a picture while she waited. She said no. I respect their privacy, go ahead and take my front row seat, ”she wrote.
Crystal continued:
“She gets to the part of her speech that is about being persistent. She says, 'I only got where I went because I never took no for an answer.' And then she gestures to me and says something like, 'The girl wanted a picture with me, but I have no said. If she were more aware of what she wants, she might have her picture. '"
"At the moment I thought that was rude," she added. “I thought she could come up to me and say, oh, I was kidding and taking the picture, but no. That put a bad taste in my mouth forever. And I didn't really want the picture! I just thought it would be cool to post on my story. "
Sounds pretty rude, doesn't it?
Crystal kept searching the internet and found a video of the moment Orji called her to ask for a movie. While Orji didn't say exactly what she originally wrote in her previous tweets, Crystal still felt hurt that the star purposely did everything possible to make an example of her by "showing".
“My words in the first tweet were incorrect (I knew I couldn't remember exactly how I said she said 'something like') and she didn't call me 'that girl'. Even so, the actual video is somehow even more painful. Why is she showing ?! ”tweeted Crystal.
Check out the video below. Do you think Yvonne was a real "Molly"?
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Shortly after the tweet made its rounds on social media, Orji tried to clean up Gang 6 and jumped into Crystal's comments with an apology.
"Hey Crystal, I'm sorry you left the event like this after meeting me," she replied. "It really wasn't my intention to make you feel less than the beautiful woman you are."
Unfortunately, her apology came a little late as Black Twitter had already started beating the star for her rude and seemingly condescending speech.
One user wrote:
“Persistence is not when you are looking for PERMISSION on a picture and the answer is NO. This is CONSENT. Any "persistence" in your case can be termed DAMAGE, and any sane person would walk away, too. But you decided to take her as an example? Impressive! I'm sorry but you are mean. Please own it "
Another user replied:
"Not accepting my apology ... since there is none, I think this point is debatable! This video is horrific and intentions mean ZERO. People may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. "
While a third person intervened:
“A reasonable point, but completely invalidated by the fact that she came on stage and used the lady in such a condescending manner for illustration purposes. She obviously only has a mean spirit! "
Ouch! What do you think? Was Orji disrespectful to Crystal? Who are other celebs you've had rude encounters with in the past?
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