Blake Jenner Confirms Ex-Wife Melissa Benoist’s Domestic Abuse Allegations in Lengthy Apology

Former "Glee" star Blake Jenner posted an in-depth statement responding to domestic abuse allegations made by his ex-wife and former co-star Melissa Benoist late last year and taking "full responsibility" for the injuries The "Supergirl" star takes over during their relationship while they say the emotional and physical abuse was "both inflicted".
"I take full responsibility and responsibility for the injuries I have caused during my relationship with my former partner - emotionally, mentally, and yes, physically," Jenner wrote in the statement posted on his Thursday, almost a year later Instagram account was published Benoist first went public with her allegations.
However, the actor also accused Benoist of molesting him while they were together, saying that she "isolated" him from loved ones and at one point broke his nose throughout their relationship. “I got scratched. I was beaten. I was slapped in the face, resulting in a hospital stay to treat my broken nose, ”he wrote. "I too had to hide and fabricate lies about many of the visible injuries I suffered during the relationship."
Benoist representatives did not immediately respond to TheWrap's request for comment.
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The actor said he had undergone therapy to "remove the root causes that gave way to everything that happened". He also said there were "discrepancies" between his memory of events and Benoist's, but did not provide details of what he described as an attempt to protect their privacy.
"This is something I feel a lot of people don't understand: I want it to heal, but I want to heal too - and I choose to believe the two are not mutually exclusive," he wrote .
Jenner went straight to an incident that Benoist described in her November Instagram video. Benoist said at the time that Jenner threw his iPhone on her face, causing a torn iris and a broken nose. In Jenner's retelling, he tossed his phone "aimlessly" during an argument and accidentally hit Benoist, causing the injury.
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“Anyone reading this I am sorry for the loss of respect and trust. for injecting every ounce of negativity or grief into a world that is already with as much grief as it is, ”he wrote, apologizing directly to Benoist, who is never directly mentioned in the statement.
Benoist and Jenner were married in 2015 after starring in the Fox dramedy "Glee". Benoist filed for divorce from Jenner in December 2016, citing "irreconcilable differences." The divorce was finalized in December 2017. In September she married Chris Wood, the co-star of "Supergirl".
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