Blake Lively Reveals ‘Frightening’ Way Paparazzi Got Pics Of Her Kids

Blake Lively has had enough.
The actor recently described the "terrifying" lengths the paparazzi took to photograph the star while they were out and about in New York City with their three children.
Lively explained it all in a comment she left on an Instagram post from Daily Mail Australia. The post featured a shared picture of her smiling and waving at the camera, along with another photo of her pushing her daughters in a stroller.
"You edit these pictures so that they look like I'm waving happily, but that's deceptive," commented the "Gossip Girl" alum on the post, which has now been deleted.
"The real story: My kids were followed by a man all day, jumped out, and then went into hiding," she wrote. "A stranger on the street spoke to you because it was so angry for you to see him."
"When I tried to calmly walk up to the photographer you hired to take these pictures to talk to, he ran away - and jumped out on the next block," she explained. “Do you do background checks on the photographers you pay to track children? Where is your morale here? I would like to know. Or do you just don't care about the safety of children? "
Blake Lively attends the Versace Fall 2019 runway show in New York City on December 2, 2018. (Photo: Roy Rochlin via Getty Images)
Lively said she was finally able to speak to a photographer who would speak to her and agreed to pose for a photo.
"I could agree to smile and wave and have them take my picture away from my kids if they'd leave my kids alone - because it was scary," she added. The actress ended her Instagram comment with a plea to the media to "listen to your followers".
"They too understand that it's dark and annoying that you pay people to persecute children," she said. “Please stop paying adult men to hide and hunt children. There are many pictures that you could have posted without the kids. Please delete."
The post was deleted, but not before Lively's comment was captured by the Comments by Celebs Instagram account. The actor saw her comment shared and thanked the report for making it more aware of the harassment she and her children were exposed to and called the experience "bloody scary".
Lively also shared a tangible way for people to stop paparazzi from taking photos of children.
"One simple thing people can do is stop following and block any posts or handles that post children's pictures," she said, adding that users should "feel free to report them" or them to communicate by DM why they are not following the outlet.
“It's an easy way to only orientate yourself on publications that have morals. And so many do that, ”she said.
“Everyone tries to serve an audience. So if that audience makes it clear that they don't want something - like photos of children being scared and chased by men - the publication or report will do what the audience wants, ”Lively added. “This is the only way that so many have stopped. Because the people wanted it. Thank you to everyone who has already made this difference. "
This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.
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