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Blake Lively lives out her lab coat fantasy.
Named one of The Hollywood Reporter's 40 Greatest Celebrity Entrepreneurs in 2022, the actress was recently candid about her passion for "product development," saying it stems from her love for an unexpected Disney film.
"It taps into my inner childhood dreams of being an inventor," she told the outlet in a profile posted Nov. 23. "Maybe I just watched Flubber too much."
The 1997 live-action comedy - a remake of the 1961 absent-minded professor - starred the late Robin Williams as a mad scientist working to develop a new energy source with hilarious results.
Blake, 35, launched her hugely successful non-alcoholic mixer brand, Betty Buzz, in 2021. The star told The Hollywood Reporter that her company is on track to sell more than six million bottles by the end of the year, noting, "We're thrilled ."
The Gossip Girl graduate isn't the only beverage entrepreneur in her family. Her husband Ryan Reynolds has an interest in the spirits brand Aviation Gin in addition to his many business ventures. Taking to the THR profile, the Free Guy star shared that one of the secrets to his success is his wife's unwavering support.
Blake Lively over the years
"We do everything together," he said of Blake. “She works on my projects and I on hers. I would say our partnership is a big reason we've been able to break into so many industries that historically wouldn't have included showbiz types."
Gotham/GC images
It was announced back in September that Blake and Ryan would be collaborating on their next big project: Baby No. 4. The couple, who married in 2012, are also parents to three daughters: James, 7, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3.
Ryan previously told Today that they don't yet know the baby's gender and mused if dealing with a fourth child will be easier than before.
"I mean, the things that we know will help us get things done a little faster," he exclusively shared with E! News at the Spirited premiere in New York City in November. "But I don't know. Anything can happen."
Blake Lively
American actress
Ryan Reynolds
Canadian actor

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