Bloomberg Reporter Who Covered Martin Shkreli Left Job And Husband For Him

Former Bloomberg news reporter Christie Smythe said she "fell into the rabbit hole" when she dropped her job and husband for Martin Shkreli, the slandered "pharmaceutical brother", who is in prison for seven years for hedge fund fraud .
Reporting on Shkreli's arrest in December 2015, Smythe told Elle in an interview posted online on Sunday that they were dating after he was behind bars in 2018.
"I fell into the rabbit hole," she said. "I'm happy here. I feel like I have a purpose."
Shkreli's shame exploded in September 2015 when his company raised the price of an AIDS drug from $ 13.50 per pill to $ 750.
Smythe explained how she was bewitched by a "master manipulator". Prison visits became more intimate - exchanging "I love you" even though the two "never slept together," the magazine noted. Smythe even frozen her balls, despite expecting a relationship with him to be "messy and difficult".
Christie Smythe wrote of her relationship with Martin Shkreli: “A woman can choose to do something with her life (that does not concern her) that you in no way approve of. But that's fine. "(Photo: Twitter / Getty)
A happy-ever-after always looks darker. Shkreli hasn't spoken to her since he found out her article was in the works and they haven't seen each other since the coronavirus pandemic began, Elle wrote. (Shkreli was denied jail time in May after requesting a three-month release to investigate a COVID-19 treatment.) A brief statement from him wishing Smythe luck in future endeavors didn't exactly cry out for romance either .
But Smythe, who sold the film rights to her Shkreli book proposal, remained upbeat on a Sunday tweet addressed to critics after the article was published.
"A woman can choose to do something with her life (other than you) that you in no way approve of," she wrote. "But that's fine."
Read Elle's entire article here.
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