Bodycam Shows Ohio Police Firing at Black Suspect After He Drives Car at Officer

Bodycam footage of an Oregon, Ohio shootout that injured an unarmed black suspect was released by the police on Thursday, June 18. They show officials shooting at the suspect after driving his car onto one of them.
The suspect, 30-year-old Victor Dale Jr., was hit on the neck and shoulder and, according to Toledo Blade, has now been released from the hospital. The officers involved were named as Joel Turner and Logan Nitkiewicz.
The police were in the area and responded to an emergency call that turned out to be a prank when they received two reports of a man attacking a woman nearby. In the bodycam footage, Turner approaches Dale Jr. and a woman and asks, "Are you the ones fighting?" The woman says "everything is fine" and shortly afterwards Dale Jr. starts walking away. At this point, Turner says, "Do you mind just hanging tight for me?"
Dale Jr gets in his car and locks the door. Bodycam footage shows Turner drawing his gun while standing in front of the car as Nitkiewicz approaches. The car then lurches forward and the officers open fire and consume 21 rounds. According to NBC24, it was determined that Dale Jr was unarmed.
According to Mike Navarre, Oregon police chief, an investigation into the incident continues, with both officers on leave, as stated in media reports. Photo credit: Oregon Police Department via Storyful

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