Boko Haram kill villagers in Christmas Eve attack

In northeastern Nigeria, several people are dead after militants from Boko Haram raided a largely Christian village and burned down a church on Christmas Eve.
At least 11 people were killed, according to local sources, according to AFP news.
Fighters drove randomly firing trucks and motorcycles to Pemi, Borno state, a local leader told the news agency.
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Pemi is near Chibok, where 200 school girls were kidnapped in 2014.
Boko Haram has carried out a series of attacks in northern Nigeria in which they are fighting to overthrow the government and create an Islamic state.
They promote a version of Islam that prohibits Muslims from participating in activities that do not come from Islamic tradition. Boko Haram loosely means "Western education is forbidden". The group's most notorious attack was directed against schoolgirls in Chibok in 2014 and held many prisoners for years.
Who is Nigeria's Islamist Boko Haram Group?
Fighters stormed Pemi on Thursday as security officials warned of an attack on the Christian holiday.
The villagers fled into the bush and some are said to be missing.
"The terrorists killed seven people, burned ten houses and looted food supplies to be distributed to residents to celebrate Christmas," said militia leader Abwaku Kabu.
The attackers burned a church, kidnapped a priest and stole medical supplies from a hospital before setting it on fire.
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Is Africa the new jihadist battlefield?
The war in the desert
The decades-long Boko Haram conflict killed at least 36,000 people and displaced two million from their homes, according to the United Nations.
To protect themselves, communities in northern Nigeria have resorted to armed vigilante groups and militia groups who work alongside the army.
In December, the group assumed responsibility for the kidnapping of more than 300 schoolchildren in Katsina state, despite Nigerian authorities saying they were local gangs linked to the Islamist group.
Last month, fighters from Boko Haram said they killed dozens of farm workers.
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