Bone-crunching vulture makes pit stop on a Peterborough road

Vultures on the Road - Philip Todd / SWNS
The reason for the delay would be a vulture causing a traffic jam right up there - but that is exactly what happened in Peterborough of all places.
Vigo, a bone-eating bird with a wingspan of 8 feet, was stunned when it landed in the middle of a busy Cambridgeshire road on Saturday.
The bearded vulture or lammergeyer is rarely seen in the UK. Usually found in alpine regions, it is believed to have spent the summer in the Peak District.
The most recent sightings of Vigo are the first of a bearded vulture in the UK skies since being spotted and photographed over Dartmoor in Devon in 2016.
Vigo the Vulture - Philip Todd / SWNS
The bearded vulture is classified as "near threatened" according to the Red List of Threatened Species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
The birds, which normally live and breed on cliffs in the high mountains, mainly feed on bones from the carcasses of large herbivores such as sheep. Their distinguishing feature is their feathered neck.
Vigo is said to have flown across the English Channel at the end of June and came from Central Europe, where there are only 600 to 1,000 pairs in an area from Spain to Russia.
Bearded vultures are also found in the Caucasus between the Black and Caspian Seas, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Tibet.

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