Boomer Esiason says a move at QB was necessary so players didn't turn on Ron Rivera

Esiason: A move at QB was necessary so that the players wouldn't tune in to Rivera, who originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington
Important news surfaced Wednesday morning when Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera made the bold decision after just four games to replace quarterback Dwayne Haskins for Kyle Allen.
The decision on the surface isn't too shocking; Haskins was overwhelming and nondescript almost every time he stepped into the field. But Allen isn't a homerun either, as he struggled a lot in the 2019 season in which he started 12 games for Rivera in Carolina.
Former quarterback Boomer Esiason knows what it takes to be a successful NFL quarterback. The former Maryland star played in the league for 14 years, received four Pro Bowl awards and even won the NFL MVP in 1988.
Esiason believes Washington's move to quarterback was less about adding Allen to the line-up than about removing Haskins.
"If he makes the same mistakes, the other guys on the team will turn the coaches on," Esiason told Boomer and Gio. "You have to give the team the best chance to win."
Hearing Esiason's comments, it's hard to forget a comment that Rivera made after Haskins' four-turn performance in a week 3 loss to Cleveland.
"There are a lot of people who have given their hearts and put their hearts on the field," said Rivera. "Honestly, they deserve better."
During the off-season and the first four weeks of the 2020 campaign, Rivera preached growth and development for Haskins. Prior to this season, Haskins had only made seven NFL starts. Previously, the quarterback had only started a full season in Ohio State College. Growing pain was to be expected from him.
In the past two weeks, especially after the Cleveland game, the head coach made it clear that the 23-year-old QB could no longer detect any regression.
Esiason believes Rivera's decision to ultimately bank Haskins had exactly to do with this: regression.
"That tells me that you've had enough with Dwayne Haskins without knowing what he's doing on the football field," said Esiason. "The mistakes must be huge mistakes, lots of mental errors, lots of borderline errors, throwing the ball away and giving it away. These kids have to learn."
However, Esiason isn't sure if Allen is a better quarterback than Haskins either.
"Kyle Allen, he's a different guy who puts the ball in dangerous places," he said. "I looked at PFF and they rated him as one of the worst quarterbacks in the league when it comes to getting the ball somewhere where the defense can get their hands on it."
When asked if it was fair to move this early, Esiason said it was the nature of the NFL. However, Esiason is not yet ready to read the chapter on Haskins in D.C.
"Maybe Dwayne is just immature. He's a little kid and he has a lot to learn," Esiason said. "He has to learn what it takes to be an NFL quarterback. Hopefully Alex Smith will teach him how to do that. Sometimes the lights come on a little later for some players."

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