Border Patrol Released 50,000 Migrants into U.S. without Court Date: Report

Border officials have released around 50,000 migrants to the US without giving them a date for a trial, Axios reported Tuesday.
Thousands of migrants who illegally crossed the US-Mexico border have been ordered to contact US immigration and customs authorities instead of assigning them a court date. These migrants had 60 days to show up at an ICE office.
Only 6,700 migrants who arrived between mid-March and mid-July made it to the ICE offices, a source briefed on data from the Homeland Security Department told Axios. Another 16,000 did not show up at an ICE office within the 60-day timeframe, while 27,000 migrants have not yet reported to ICE but remain within the 60-day timeframe.
When border guards release migrants from custody to the US, they are usually given an appointment to appear before an immigration court, where a judge will decide whether their asylum cases will be processed. The decision to release migrants without giving a court date was reportedly taken due to the surge in the number of illegal border crossings.
The border crisis has become "so bad that BP has no choice but to release people almost immediately after arrest because there is no more room to detain people," a senior border police source told Fox News in March.
Border guards met over 188,000 migrants crossing the border in June, the highest number recorded this year and the highest monthly total in a decade. Chief Brian Hastings, head of the Border Patrol's Rio Grande Valley sector, noted that over 20,000 migrants were arrested in the sector in the past week.
"The fears passed the 1 million milestone in June," wrote Hastings in a Twitter post. "NOW - this week alone", agents of the Rio Grande Valley have "arrested more than 20,000 illegally present migrants".
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