Boris Johnson says he will take responsibility for second wave of coronavirus cases after easing lockdown

Boris Johnson has announced that he will be responsible for a second wave of coronavirus infections after his recent lockout.
The previous day, Johnson announced the most significant easing of restrictions since the blockade was imposed on March 23.
As of July 4th, in England the guidelines for social distance will be reduced from two to one meter, two households can meet and stay overnight, and companies such as pubs, restaurants and hairdressers can reopen.
At the Coronavirus press conference on Tuesday, Johnson was asked if he would take responsibility for "whatever happens next": "Yes, of course I take responsibility, the government takes responsibility for these decisions.
Boris Johnson said he would take responsibility for whatever happens next at Tuesday's coronavirus press conference. (@ 10DowningStreet / Twitter)
"We are grateful to our scientific colleagues for their constant advice, but it is our responsibility to choose."
Downing Street's best COVID-19 advisors, Sir Patrick Vallance and Prof. Chris Whitty, used the briefing to exercise caution about easing restrictions.
Prof. Whitty, for example, asked people to stay two meters apart if possible.
He also warned that there will certainly be an increase in cases where people are not taking the new measures seriously.
He said, "When people hear a distorted version of what is said, that is," it's all right now, it's gone "and will behave as they normally would before the virus appeared we're sure to get an upward trend. "
Prof. Whitty, England's chief physician, said the lifting of the restrictions is "absolutely not risk-free" and "it is absolutely critical that people adhere to the guidelines".
Prof. Whitty also warned that the virus is expected to circulate in "winter and next spring".
Johnson himself admitted that Prof. Whitty was concerned about the reopening of pubs. The Prime Minister added: "We cannot have great curvature scenes in the beer gardens if the virus could be passed on.
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"This has to be done in a reasonable way."
The briefing on Tuesday was the last daily press conference on coronavirus. Downing Street said that they are now thought to be only "major announcements".
Daily briefings began on March 16, when the number of COVID-19 cases began to accelerate rapidly.
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