Both Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles need to grow up

Do you ever have one of these dramatic couples of friends?
You know the guy. A week, a half of the couple is all over social media declaring that they found their soulmate with gently filtered images of the two. There are complaints over the next week that their partner is not paying enough attention and it may be time to move on.
A few days later they split up. A few weeks later they are back together with more declarations of love. A month or two later, the cycle repeats.
It might be an imperfect comparison, but this is how the Philadelphia Eagles' relationship with quarterback Carson Wentz begins to feel.
Either they both need to grow up, improve as individuals and commit to one another, or move to less dramatic relationships for both of them.
On Sunday, ESPN reported that Wentz has asked for the chance to continue after this season if the Eagles are to keep Jalen Hurts as a starter.
Additionally, it has been reported since draft that Wentz was angry that Philadelphia took hurts in the second round, and gave no clear reason for it, as the Eagles had only signed Wentz for a four-year extension 18 months ago.
Wentz felt betrayed.
Carson Wentz has reason to be upset about the Eagles, and the Eagles have reason to be upset about Carson Wentz. (Photo by Kyle Ross / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
On the one hand, Wentz has to suck it up. Teams recruit players we may not believe "need" them all the time. This, as we keep hearing, is business. And while starting all 16 games in 2019, Wentz missed the end of the 2017 season and five games in 2018, so the Eagles may want strong support in case Wentz was injured again. The reality is that there is no way to predict injuries like torn ACLs that ended his great year in 17, but that hasn't stopped anyone from labeling a player "injury prone".
The competitor's response to feeling challenged is to push harder, hone their skills, and show the forces that make you up and that can make you even better. Aaron Rodgers still leaves the so-called outrage at being selected later than expected in the first round of the 2005 draft as a chip on his shoulder; Tom Brady rarely misses the opportunity to remind the rest of us that he was voted 199th overall in 2000.
Instead, Wentz has apparently let his anger at the Eagles negatively affect his game this year. Among the quarterbacks with at least five starts, he ranks 34th out of 35 in terms of passerby rating (72.8), is the last in percent (57.4%) and his 15 interceptions are the most in the league. He looked downright bad at times, and if he and Philadelphia were a little better they'd have a chance to win a division mockery.
If you're crazy and want to get out, you're showing the other side what they're going to miss and not making it easier for them to want to say goodbye.
Here's the other side: The Eagles got a lot wrong from Wentz.
Announcing someone is a franchise quarterback on a contract like the one Philadelphia made with Wentz that should bring a level of respect. That's not to say that Wentz should determine which players should be drafted, but a conversation that justifies the justification for Hurts 53rd overall may have done a lot to smooth things over before it got to that point.
Wentz has seen the Eagles before. Sam Bradford was 7-7 with Philly in 2015 and was well on the way for the best statistical season of his career. On March 1, 2016, Bradford and the Eagles agreed on a two-year extension. Six weeks later, the franchise made a big deal to move up to # 2 on the draft and get Wentz.
Then there is the rest of the offense. The Philadelphia Reception Corps has been a problem for several years. Travis Fulgham, Greg Ward, Jalen Reagor and John Hightower don't really hold up the defensive coordinators at night.
The offensive line was a rotation with only center Jason Kelce starting each game that season. Wentz was fired 50 times in the league in 12 starts.
Perhaps Wentz's camp leaked trade history to plant the seed and hope it ends up in Indianapolis, where he will be reunited with Frank Reich, his coordinator, for the first two years of his career. Philip Rivers only signed a one-year deal with the Colts.
The Wentz-Philadelphia relationship can be saved, but both sides must commit. And for all of us, keep the drama in the house.
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