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Bowl predictions and college football playoff predictions after week 13 of the 2022 season.
Just when all this was about to be cleared up ahead of the big championship weekend, things got even weirder.
However, the college football playoff picture actually got simpler. The problem next week will be figuring out the bowl spots without enough teams to fill the games.
82 teams need to be eligible for bowl games, and six wins isn't enough right now. Only one of them can compete against an FCS team.
Buffalo plays Akron this Friday - which should be their sixth win if all goes well. That's a hole that's probably filled.
Appalachian State has six wins, but two of them against FCS teams. Without enough eligible teams, the rule is overturned. That's another - maybe. Flip a coin between App State and UNLV - the next behind Rice in the APR leaderboard.
We need a few more options.
5-6 New Mexico State could be looking to win a game to qualify, but it already has a win over FCS's Lamar. Army has two FCS wins but his problem is timing. The bowls need to get underway after next weekend and the 5-6 Knights aren't playing Navy until December 10th.
And then there is the APR.
A full explanation and ranking of each team according to their academic progress report can be found here.
If the bowls require 5-7 teams, APR determines the pecking order. Rice is the top APR team at 5-7, with UNLV second. If more teams are needed, Michigan State and Auburn -- tied behind the Owls and Rebels in the APR -- would be options.
This will all be updated on the fly as more news and rumors pour in, so please forgive how fluid this is. For now, the shell projections are...
Bowl Projections College Football Playoff Predictions
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College Football Playoff Prediction
Teams that accepted the bowl bid are red.
All times East
Hometown Lenders Bahamas Bowl
Friday 16 December 2022
11:30 a.m. ESPN
Thomas Robinson Stadium, Nassau, Bahamas
Last year: Middle Tennessee 31, Toledo 24
Bowl Ties: Conference USA vs. MAC
Bowl projection: UAB vs. Miami University
Duluth Trading Cure Bowl
Friday 16 December 2022
3:00, ESPN
Camping World Stadium, Orlando, FL
Last year: Coastal Carolina 47, Northern Illinois 41
Bowl Ties: Group of Five vs. Group of Five or Army
Bowl Projection: UConn vs. Coastal Carolina
Wasabi Fenway Bowl
Saturday 17 December 2022
11:00 a.m. ESPN
Fenway Park, Boston, MA
Last year: cancelled
Bowl Ties: ACC vs. American Athletic (Conference USA)
Bowl projection: Syracuse vs. Memphis
Cricket Celebration Bowl
Saturday 17 December 2022
12:00, ABC
Mercedes Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA
Last year: South Carolina State 31, Jackson State 10
Tie in bowl: MEAC vs. SWAC
Bowl projection: North Carolina Central vs. Jackson State
New Mexico bowl
Saturday 17 December 2022
2:15, ESPN
Dreamstyle Stadium, Albuquerque, NM
Last year: Fresno State 31, UTEP 24
Bowl Ties: Mountain West vs. AAC, C-USA, MAC, or Sun Belt
Bowl Projection: Air Force against North Texas
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