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Manny Pacquiao is a hero in his native Philippines, but apparently that's where he also enjoyed cooking early in his boxing career.
Carlos Padilla, a Filipino referee who officiated a 2000 WBC international super bantamweight championship match between Pacquiao and challenger Nedal Hussein, admitted that he cheated to help Pacquiao win. The fight took place in Antipolo, Philippines.
Padilla in particular gave Pacquiao an extra long count after Hussein knocked down his compatriot in the fourth round, allowing Pacquiao to keep fighting and earning a TKO victory in the 10th round.
Per Bloody Elbow, he made the revelation during an appearance on the WBC's YouTube channel:
"This fight, I'm about to leave the next day and they said to me, 'Carlos, please ... this is an important fight for Manny Pacquiao because the winner will have a chance to fight for the world championship.'" said Padilla. "So you know the enemy, Hussein, or whatever his name was. He's bigger, younger, stronger and [a] dirty fighter managed by Jeff Fenech. In the seventh round I think Manny got knocked down, I thought he was going to get up but his eyes are squinting (laughs). I'm Filipino, and everyone watching the fight is Filipino, so I lengthened the count. I know, how it works."
It shouldn't shock anyone to hear of cheating in boxing, but it's not every day that a referee laughs about it years later. You can judge for yourself how much help Pacquiao, who went into the fight with a record of 29:2, received:
Padilla was right that the winner of the fight got a title shot. Less than a year later, Pacquiao got his big break when he was called up as a late backup against IBF Super Bantamweight Champion Lehlohonolo Ledwaba. A TKO win in the sixth round later, he had his first major weight class title.
Hussein, meanwhile, lost his unbeaten record and went 24-4 for the rest of his career. He doesn't sound happy about the recent revelation.
Nedal Hussein on Manny Pacquiao: 'We already knew'
Hussein, contacted by World Boxing News for comment, said he was aware Pacquiao had an advantage but was more upset as Padilla so happily explained how he took a win from the Aussie:
“Honestly after seeing the referee video it really struck a chord. I was upset for a full 24 hours," Hussein told World Boxing News exclusively.
"It's not the fact that he said what he said. It's more because we already knew. But the way he said it with a grin and a smile like he was proud of what he had done, like the depth of the corruption, it's evident in his veins and heart.
"So obviously he had done it before because he didn't mind."
Hussein was hesitant about what might be a next step, saying he had spoken to his manager but he claimed Pacquiao may have received even more help, as Padilla admitted:
"We knew [something was wrong] from the start.
“At the start of the fight they gave Manny different gloves than I did. They took us to a hotel two hours from the venue on the day of the fight.
"So we knew there was going to be foul play."
Manny Pacquiao got some home cooking in a key win earlier in his career. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Nedal Hussein
Australian boxer

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