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Scott Clyne/Facebook
A Florida man went to great lengths to scavenge a ring that went overboard while proposing to his girlfriend.
In a video shared on Facebook by Scott Clyne of Sarasota, Fla., he and Suzie Tucker stretched out their arms while standing in front of a boat, with the sunset serving as a stunning backdrop.
Clyne, 35, then pulled a ring box from his pants pocket as he prepared to get on one knee. Seconds later the box fell into the water.
Wasting no time, he dove after them and emerged from the water moments later, holding up the box with his 32-year-old girlfriend in victory and laughing in awe.
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A friend on the boat, capturing the moment on a cell phone, helped Clyne by taking the ring from him and placing it safely on the ship. He also took Clyne's sunglasses before helping him onto the boat.
Reunited with his girlfriend, Clyne reenacted his proposal and got back on one knee. Although there is no sound in the video, she appeared to be saying yes, responding to his gesture with a laugh and a kiss.
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"This is 100% real. 100% my luck.
He later changed his profile photo to a still of his feet in the air and his head underwater while his now-fiancée giggled.
Clyne also shared a shorter version of the video on TikTok, with Snoop Dogg's hit song "Drop It Like It's Hot" running over the footage.
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"Droping the ring in the gulf during my proposal," Clyne wrote over the video, adding a surprised face emoji.
He also described his fiancee's reaction as "full panic mode." The video ended with a photo of them kissing and the words, "She still said yes."
PEOPLE reached out to Clyne but did not receive an immediate response.
Speaking to the Daily Mail, Clyne explained: "I had the ring in my back pocket and when I went to reach for it the corner of the ring box got caught in the top of my pocket and slipped out of my hands and bounced into the water."
He added: "Everything was a blur after that. I panicked and reacted by throwing myself at the ring box before it could sink, not caring if I fell in the water. Luckily I was able to salvage the ring!”
As of Friday evening, November 25, the TikTok video had 1.5 million likes and nearly 28,000 shares.

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