Brazilian daughter cons mother for $100m - police

STORY: A Brazilian woman has been arrested on charges of cheating her own mother out of $142 million.
Police have found 16 paintings they say were stolen - including three by iconic modernist painter Tarsila do Amaral - valued at nearly $138 million.
Sabine Coll Boghici is accused of cheating 82-year-old Genevieve Boghici, the widow of an art collector, out of money, artwork and jewellery.
Police say the scam began in 2020 when Genevieve was approached by an alleged psychic with prophecies about her daughter's impending death.
The personal information provided by her daughter is believed to have been used to get the distraught mother to wire money to pay for "spiritual treatment".
Meanwhile, Sabine and an accomplice removed artwork from her home, as this officer in charge explains:
"The [victim's] daughter and Rosa (Diana Rosa Aparecida Stanesco Vuletic) began to retrieve the artwork from the [mother's] house, claiming that the painting was cursed with something negative, with negative energy that was being prayed for must be. So they took the old woman to see it because they knew it wasn't true but she couldn't refuse.
After a year, the victim contacted the police.
Police say seven people are suspected of involvement and face charges of embezzlement, robbery, extortion, false imprisonment and criminal association.

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