Breaking down Biden's first foreign trip as president

Yahoo Finance's Jessica Smith explains what to expect from President Biden's first trip abroad as President.
Video transcript
JESSICA SMITH: The White House says this international trip will focus on the President's mission to restore alliances to work together on global challenges such as the pandemic, economic recovery, climate change and security threats. First up is the United Kingdom. President Biden will start things on Thursday with a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to highlight the special relationship between the US and the UK. On Friday he will take part in the G7 summit and will meet with several G7 heads of state and government.
JAKE SULLIVAN: And the G7 leaders will make a number of important commitments on climate, labor standards, anti-corruption and ransomware.
JESSICA SMITH: The government already announced an agreement at the G7 finance ministers' meeting over the weekend on a global minimum tax of at least 15% to try to prevent companies from evading taxes by shifting profits to countries with low tax rates.
JANET YELLEN: There has been a global race to the bottom in corporate taxes for far too long, with countries competing by lowering their tax rates instead of ensuring the well-being of their citizens and the natural environment.
JESSICA SMITH: President and Dr. Biden will meet the Queen at Windsor Castle on Sunday. Since 1951, the Queen has met with every US President except Lyndon B. Johnson. This is her first meeting with a world leader since her husband Prince Philip passed away in April.
Then at the beginning of next week we will go to Brussels for the NATO summit. The White House says Biden will reaffirm US commitment to NATO, transatlantic security and collective defense. President Biden is trying to adopt a different tone than former President Trump, who raised fears of pulling the US out of NATO. During his presidency, Trump doubted the alliance's importance, railed against other countries calling for an increase in their defense spending, and memorably pushed the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of the way while preparing for a group photo.
This time around, the White House says NATO leaders will talk about how to prepare for future threats and ensure effective burden sharing. In Brussels, the president will also attend a US-EU summit and meet with even more heads of state and government. Biden, the former chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, campaigned for his overseas experience, emphasizing how he would work with allies to confront nations like China and Russia.
JAKE SULLIVAN: That the United States will retain the profound ability to bring the world's democracies together to solve big problems.
JESSICA SMITH: Then, a moment that a lot of people are waiting for, next Wednesday President Biden will finalize things by sitting down with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two leaders will meet in Switzerland, where they will be expected to discuss a range of issues, including Russia's interference in the US elections, human rights, nuclear weapons, climate change and recent cyberattacks. Many want Biden to push the Russian president to gain some control over these cyberattacks, many of which appear to originate from Russia's borders.
JOE BIDEN: So far there is no evidence from our intelligence officials that Russia is involved, although there is evidence that the actors' ransomware is located in Russia. You have a certain responsibility to deal with it.
JESSICA SMITH: Then the President will go home, where many domestic issues from infrastructure and taxes to voting rights and police reforms await you. Reporting in Washington, I'm Jessica Smith.

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