Bride-to-be causes family rift after uninviting 'disruptive and dominant' guest: 'He's completely out of control'

A future bride is causing a stir online after sharing the unwanted guest her future sister-in-law wants to bring to her wedding.
The recently engaged 28-year-old, who explained her situation on Reddit's AITA forum (Am I The A ******), described how her fiance's sister Zack, Kerry, has a problematic parrot with emotional support called Jimmy .
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"I love animals, but it's completely out of control," she wrote. "He'll try to bite anyone but Kerry that comes too close and will fly and mainly attack male heads to the point where I've heard stories from Zack that he has to run out of the house to get away."
"I wasn't convinced that he was a real support animal at all."
Although Kerry's parrot Jimmy wasn't a big problem during the three-year relationship between Kerry and Zack, things escalated recently when the couple had to tell Kerry that Jimmy would not be welcome at the wedding.
When Kerry found out that her parrot would not be allowed at the wedding, he obviously started to "tear apart" and told her brother and future sister-in-law, "How she needed him there and how [she] didn't understand what she was going through." . "
In response, the original poster said to Kerry that "she shouldn't have a noisy, psychotic bird at [her] wedding," and that she "was not convinced that [Jimmy] was a real support animal at all."
Since this outbreak, the original poster said that Kerry told her whole family that her brother and fiance were "terrible and mean because they are not accepting their disabilities." While some family members are on Kerry's side, others have “had bad personal experiences with Jimmy and understand [their] position”.
"Your wedding, your choice"
For the most part, people stood on the side of the original poster and realized that since it's their wedding, she can do what she wants.
"Jimmy sounds like a rather annoying and dominant bird that you can rely on to bite people during a wedding," wrote one person. "You're not a fool because you don't want the violent little screecher to take part in it."
"It is your wedding and it is perfectly reasonable for you not to want a bird to fly around and bother people," commented another person.
However, some people pointed out that there are better ways to tell Kerry that her parrot is not welcome.
"Your wedding was your choice, but you should have let [your fiance] speak to her without researching or insulting her," said one person. "She needs a crutch in a social situation and this is hers, as annoying as it is."
"[You're the A ******] for talking to her about it," added another person. "If she really can't be without the bird, she can't go to the wedding. It's unfortunate, but it's your special day, not hers."
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The Post woman gets into a violent argument with the future sister-in-law about the parrot of emotional support that first appeared on In The Know.

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