Bridesmaid drops out of sister’s wedding party over after ‘horrible’ pre-ceremony experience: ‘Stop causing drama’

One woman got tired of the other bridesmaids insulting her body, so she called off her sister's wedding.
She has seconds of worrying about ending the ceremony on short notice and consulted Reddit's "Am I the A ******" forum for help. The woman is part of the bridal party. She was called the "less pretty sister" and said her body was "gross" by other bridesmaids. To make the injury worse, her sister, who is the bride, never defended her.
"My sister is getting married in a little over two months," read the Reddit poster. “She got engaged in January and things moved on quickly. She asked me and three of her friends to be her bridesmaids. We all said yes. I was concerned, but my sister and I have always had a good relationship and I hoped this meant we could be closer. But that was far from the truth. We had three dress dates and the last two that her best friend really did to me. I make fun of my weight and point out that I'm the less pretty sister (which I've lived pretty much all of my life). My sister didn't say anything. "
But when she tried to reach her sister about it, she was released.
"I took it to her between appointments and she wiped me off and said I was always too sensitive," the Reddit poster wrote. “Not even when her best friend suggested I carry a trash bag so that my disgusting body would be hidden. Our brother was there and was pretty much the only person who stood up for me. And then he encouraged me to abandon the wedding, told me I deserved it better, and that's how I did it. My sister freaked out and now she has to nudge me and my parents think I should grin and take it and just do it because it was so short term. The pressure is on me and I was labeled ****** because that's how I got off. "
"Your sister's friends sound terrible, your sister is also terrible because she didn't stand up for you," wrote another.
"It would take 15 seconds for the nurse to say," Beast, you're not helping the situation. Stop causing drama. "But it doesn't have and it won't," said one user.
“Your brother is right. You deserve better, ”someone added.
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