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Brielle Biermann Courtesy of Brielle Biermann/Instagram
unwanted advances. Brielle Biermann said she gets a lot of flirting messages - and not all the men who have reached out to her are single.
"There's actually some very interesting direct messages from a lot of different people," Biermann, 25, who became a star in Bravo's Don't Be Tardy, said during the Monday, Nov. 28 episode of "Behind the Velvet" on Rope. -Podcast.
According to the reality star, several people she's contacted are "married" or in a public relationship. Biermann noted that the online flirtation came from fellow Bravo stars and other "very well-known" people.
"The fact that they're sending an emoji, they're saying hello, like, bothers me. Because if my husband ever did that to anyone, I'd be like, 'We're done. Goodbye! Have fun with them,” she explained. "I want to tell someone so bad but I just can't because I don't trust anyone with that kind of information. I don't want to embarrass or hurt anyone."
The TV personality read out some of the alleged messages during the podcast. "'Hi, you're so beautiful.' Or they send me one of my posts and say 'wow.' Or they just send me an emoji," she shared.
Biermann revealed that she only confided in mother Kim Zolciak about the interactions - to which she never responded.
Brielle Biermann Courtesy of Brielle Biermann/Instagram
"We don't know what to do here. I don't want to ruin a marriage or relationship, but I'm not answering — I've never answered — but it's not going to stop," she continued. "We're just like, 'I can't believe the balls these men have.'"
The KAB Cosmetics co-founder added: "Not responding is almost stalking - if all you get is DMs all the time. people are weird. I do not get it. Like, what are you thinking? That they'll never get caught?"
According to Biermann, two of the men who have made advances have girlfriends who follow her on social media. "I'm going to [the guy's] page, and I'm going to see, like, make sure her friend - is she gone? How long ago were these pictures?” she detailed. "And I go to her side and it's like, 'Follow back.' And I think here we go – that's probably how they found me.”
Biermann recently provided another glimpse into her personal life when she opened up about her mother's plans to have children. "She wants me to have a kid," the Bravo personality said on the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast. "She's like, 'Come on, you're not getting any younger. For example, I want a little baby. And if you don't have it, I will have one."
The Real Housewives of Atlanta graduate, 44, has four children with husband Kroy Biermann: KJ, 11, Kash, 10, and twins Kaia and Kane, 9. After Kroy, 37, and Zolciak tied the knot in 2011, he legally adopted his wife's eldest daughters, Brielle and Arianna, 21.

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