Bright, loud fireball streaks across Texas sky, videos show. ‘Aliens have landed’

Many Texans were in awe of a blinding ball of fire that streaked across the night sky, seen and heard overnight, videos show.
The bright, burning sphere was reportedly discovered by residents across northern Texas and neighboring Oklahomas around 9:00 p.m. Sunday. Some said they heard an unmistakable “boom” as the meteor pierced the sky.
A video captured near College Station shows the meteor flying past a rural home, booming and flashing like massive fireworks.
While the fireball looks yellow in most of the videos, some say it appears green, KRTK reported.
A driver with a dashcam captured the beautiful space junk during a visit to the DFW Metroplex.
However you want to describe it - pretty, exciting - some found it a little creepy.
Amateur astronomers in Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana also claim to have seen the meteor, according to a report by the American Meteor Society. A total of 149 members reported seeing the fireball - the most sightings of a single meteorite event since April, according to AMS records.
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