Britney Spears Debuts New Bangs in Sexy Bikini Photo: 'I Did It!'

Britney Spears brought her bangs back!
After some thought, the 38-year-old "Toxic" singer chose bangs, which she calls a big boost, and so far she seems to be obsessed with her new look.
"I did it, I finally cut pony? ‍♀️ ??????? !!!!!!" Spears captioned two photos on Instagram showing her wispy, side-swept fringes as they posed on the beach in a pink leopard-print bikini.
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When fans saw Spear's new look, they flooded their comments with love for their bangs. "Britney, you look gorgeous !! Queen of hair risks and fashion statements. Feel all the love around you and smile! Absolutely gorgeous! Xo ??? ♥ ️", wrote a fan. Another person commented: "Oh you look like an embryo! young queen! "
Even the singer's friend Sam Ashghari left a sweet message on her post: "How many comments will 'Queen of the Pony' say?"
Spears has also shared a second series of photos on Instagram showing her fringes while wearing a cleavable crop top and choker.
Last month, Spears explained how she felt better and better in her youth through bangs. "I know I need bangs ?? !!!!!" Spears shared in a long Instagram post. "Who would have thought that bangs could make you look younger?!?!"
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When she was a child, the stars often felt like "an ugly duckling" and "never felt pretty enough" to expose her forehead under her bangs.
"I stopped having pony in 3rd grade and I remember it like yesterday," said the singer. "It was such a big deal to expose my forehead ... only pretty people in the south could do it and I never felt pretty enough to make it. All the beauty pageant did it, but I never felt that beauty pageants meant mine Things were ... I had bad teeth and felt like an ugly duckling. "
Britney Spears Instagram
The star went on to say that "people choose different ways to protect themselves" and for them it means showing off their bangs.
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Spears wrote: "When I pull my pony in front of my head, I feel protected ... almost as if I were back in 3rd grade ⭐️ ?? !!!"

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