Britney Spears files petition to boot dad from estate, says he gets $16,000 a month while she gets $14,000

LOS ANGELES - Britney Spears did it again - this time in a damning petition.
The pop star and her new attorney beat up her father on Monday in the critical and long-awaited file considered the precursor to the court that actually decided on her motion to dismiss Jamie Spears from his role, which was her US $ 60 million net worth -Dollars managed.
The formal petition requesting the "suspension and removal" of Jamie as curator of Britney's estate stated the "Oops! ... I Did It Again "singer Mathew Rosengart, the singer's new attorney, said his client lived in a" Kafkaesque nightmare "that" traumatized "her while she was filling Jamie's pockets.
Rosengart says Jamie has paid off the estate at least $ 16,000 a month since 2009 - that's $ 2,000 more each month than he gives his daughter.
Jamie Spears also receives $ 2,000 a month in office expenses, employs a team of lawyers who charge billions in fees, and pays "a share of the revenue from Ms. Spears' performances."
The filing claims Jamie's cut to Britney's Las Vegas residence "is estimated to be at least $ 2.1 million" and that he raised an estimated $ 500,000 from her 2011 femme fatale tour.
“While it is common for managers, agents, and other industry professionals to receive a percentage of an artist's income, Mr. Spears is not one of them. He is a restorer, and as a restorer, his role should be more burdened by the conservator than to benefit from it, ”wrote Rosengart.
"Mr. Spears is not a professional business or finance manager. In fact, the Spears family had financial problems under his leadership and filed for bankruptcy in 1998," he wrote.
But apart from alleged wrongdoing, Rosengart said his client was so "afraid" of her father, his role in her life made her feel "traumatized", unable to sleep and close to tears every day.
"The toxic nature of this relationship makes the immediate removal of Mr. Spears under (the law) unstoppable as it is detrimental to the welfare of the person who is supposed to protect the Conservatory," wrote Rosegart in the 127-page file filed by the News.
"Indeed, far from being of any use to Ms. Spears, as she herself testified, it affects Ms. Spears' sanity, well-being, and ability to pursue and continue her extraordinary career," he wrote.
Rosengart said Jamie was "obliged to comply with Ms. Spears' request to step aside and have a professional take over his current position," and if he opposed such a move, he should be responsible for his legal costs, not the one Estate.
Jamie and his attorneys have previously defended his work in court files, arguing that he pulled Britney's finances before the collapse and oversaw her reunion with her two underage sons and triumphant return to the stage after the involuntary hospital stays in 2008 that led to the launch of the Conservatory.
In a formidable statement to the court on June 23, Britney told Los Angeles District Judge Brenda Penny that she believed the conservatoires were "abusive" and that she would like it to be terminated.
Rosengart wrote on Monday that the removal of Jamie Spears was an important first step on this path.
Mother Lynne Spears also supported the petition, saying she saw Jamie exercise "absolute microscopic control" over her daughter, relying on medical aids, housekeeping staff and her security guards to tell "him every single detail" of her life.
"Such controls are tiresome and terrifying, like life in custody," Lynne wrote in a signed statement. "I realize that (Jamie) is unable to put my daughter's interests above his own, both professionally and personally."
Britney has asked to replace her father with an accountant named Jason Rubin.
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