Britney Spears' new lawyer just formally requested that her dad be removed and replaced as a conservator of her estate

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A new file from Britney Spears' attorney contains a motion to remove her father from the Conservatory.
This is the first time the motion to remove Jamie Spears has been officially brought in court.
Filing included a statement of support from Britney's mother, Lynne Spears.
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In a new insider-reviewed court filing, Britney Spears' new attorney Mathew Rosengart filed a direct motion to remove Jamie Spears from her Conservatory administration.
"For more than thirteen years, the petitioner Britney Jean Spears ('Ms. Spears') has endured a conservatory rule which, as far as James P. Spears ('Mr. Spears' is concerned) is concerned, has become increasingly toxic and simply no longer tenable" the document opened.
"There may well come a time when the court will be asked to consider whether the Conservatory Council should be terminated altogether and whether Mr. Spears is depriving his daughter of not only her dignity, autonomy and certain basic freedoms, but" one of them Has been guilty of misconduct or wrongdoing that warrants the imposition of surcharges, damages or other legal action against him, "the petition continued." While our investigation into these and other issues is active and ongoing, this petition does not challenge the Court on dealing with such matters today as Mr. Spears as a restorer for reasons that do not even require Mr. Spears to be guilty or to admit.
The court records demand that Jamie Spears be replaced as the property overseer by a man named Jason Rubin, who is reportedly a professional trustee and CPA who lives in Los Angeles.
Britney Spears' mother said that Britney Spears and her father's relationship "has shrunk to nothing but fear and hatred".
Britney Spears & mother Lynne Spears at the premiere of "The Four Feathers" at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood, Calif., 2002. SGranitz / WireImage via Getty Images
The petition contained statements from Jodi Montgomery, a co-restorer in charge of overseeing Britney's personal affairs, and Britney's mother, Lynne. Each of them explained how they supported this petition.
"I got involved in this conservatory community because I wanted to make sure that everything in my daughter's life was being handled in the best interests of my daughter, the conservator, which I didn't believe then (and I still don't do today)," wrote Lynne Spears in her statement.
Montgomery, who was hired as a co-curator in 2019, said she had been introduced to "the burdensome procedures and processes involved in Ms. Spears' daily activities." In the course of her assignments, Montgomery says she worked "closely" with Jamie Spears.
"Ms. Spears has serious, unsolved problems with her father, Mr. Spears, dating back to childhood that are causing her great suffering and emotional excitement," the Montgomery statement read. “This grief and excitement are real and real. During my tenure, I have personally seen a dynamic at play between Mr. Spears and his daughter Ms. Spears that is not mentally healthy and does not support Ms. Spears and her mental state. "
Last week, Rosengart told reporters he was "working aggressively" to oust Jamie Spears from the conservatory.
The next hearing in the ongoing proceedings will take place on September 29th.
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