Britney Spears still faces long road in conservatorship battle: ‘There won’t be a quick ending’

Britney Spears has spoken - and she wants to end her "abusive" conservatory. What's next? And how long would it be until #FreeBritney, if the court decided that at all?
Wednesday's hearing "was just a status conference to hear Britney's testimony in court," California family attorney Christopher C. Melcher of Walzer Melcher told Yahoo Entertainment.
In other words, it doesn't end immediately, including her father Jamie Spears' involvement as a co-administrator of her estate.
"The next step is for Britney to apply to terminate the Conservatory position," says Melcher. "Britney's appointed lawyer," Samuel Ingham III, "may not agree with this approach but may be directed to petition."
Britney Spears has announced her desire to quit the conservatories. What now? (Photo: Rich Fury / Getty Images)
But the wheels of justice turn slowly.
"If Britney files a petition to end the Conservatory, it will be months before it is resolved," continues Melcher. "It could drag on until next year."
And while Britney said she wanted to quit the conservatory without a psychiatrist assessment - "sitting in a room with people four hours a day," as she described the process - the court will still want one.
"The court can order the appraisal, but not force it to do so," says Melcher. "If she refuses, as she stated in her statement, the court can take this into account when deciding to terminate the restoration."
Also of importance with regard to the assessment: "Even if Britney is assessed and the appraiser concludes that the restoration is required, the court," said Judge Brenda Penny, "does not have to accept that opinion. The court can do the restoration quit based on Britney's testimony and that it should be obvious to the court whether a person needs care "as they are reserved for the vulnerable and incapacitated, such as an elderly person with dementia or someone with severe addiction problems -" for the court to convince could become, according to Britney's statement, that one is no longer needed. "
Britney Spears said in 2019, "I'm not happy" at the Conservatory. "I can not sleep. I'm so mad it's crazy And I am depressed. I cry every day. "(Photo: REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni)
In addition to the assessment part, there would be a hearing on the completion of the restoration, which will take some time to be planned at all.
In it "Britney would testify and the court can assess their functionality," says Melcher. "Other witnesses can speak to incidents they have observed that might justify the Restoration. Conversely, Britney can call witnesses to show that she was normal in their presence."
He adds, “The judicial process is slow because each side has a chance to be heard. There will be no quick end. "
Even the evicting of Jamie, who Britney said "threatened" and abused her since the Conservatory was founded under his control in 2008, is a process that requires a hearing.
And if her court-appointed lawyer, Ingham, is replaced, that too will be delayed. (Britney said during the hearing that she is not even allowed to choose her own lawyer, which led Ingham to testify that he has served at the discretion of the court and up Request would resign.)
Britney's 20-minute speech was very powerful because it undermines much speculation. The world now knows what it wants - and it wants to get out.
"However, the statement can cut in both directions," says Melcher. “The court knows directly from Britney what she thinks of the Conservatory and that Britney wants it to end. It couldn't have been clearer. But the court also heard Britney make allegations, which will be tested in a hearing about the Conservatory's termination. If these statements were inaccurate, the court could conclude that Britney was not processing information properly and would class her as an unreliable witness. "
He continues: “Britney's statements were powerful and reflected her feelings. She is understandably upset about what is happening to her. It would have been better for Britney to have made a more measured statement articulating her desire to quit the Conservatory while acknowledging the struggles she had 13 years ago. Showing awareness of the problems that arose earlier could convince the court that Britney no longer needs protection. "
The next hearing on the schedule is scheduled for July 14th - it will include accounting, the official appointment of Jodi Montgomery as her curator, and a petition.
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