Brooklyn Nets made disgruntled star Kyrie Irving a ‘real offer’

With contract talks between Kyrie Irving and Brooklyn Nets growing in importance as the deadline approaches, it has been reported that the organization has made a "genuine offer" to the guard.
According to ESPN's Zach Lowe, he said the following on his podcast, The Lowe Post:
“The Nets made Kyrie Irving a genuine offer. I don't know the exact permutations. Probably several. This isn't a case where there's a one-year deal and that's it. He was offered real stuff but I don't know exactly what it is."
Contract talks between the two parties have progressively deteriorated over the past week. The whole disagreement stems from Irving not believing the organization was trying to understand him.
The team is reluctant to grant the seven-time All Star a four-year extension, citing unreliability throughout the season as a reason for not doing so.
And now, talks continue to boil over and the Lakers are becoming more and more of a ball-handler landing ground.
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