Buccaneers fan gave up $500,000 football because he couldn't 'say no to Tom Brady'

Tom Brady. AP Photo / Brand LoMoglio
Buccaneers fan Byron Kennedy received the 600th touchdown ball from Tom Brady from Mike Evans.
Kennedy returned the ball to the Buccaneers in exchange for some other souvenirs.
Kennedy said it was hard to give up the ball but even harder to turn down Tom Brady.
Buccaneers fan Byron Kennedy had quite a Sunday.
Kennedy watched from the front row of the end zone at Raymond James Stadium, had a great seat to watch Tom Brady tie up with Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans in the first quarter to give Tampa Bay a 21-0 lead over the Bears .
Then it got wild.
As he was celebrating his touchdown, Evans found Kennedy in the stands and gave him the touchdown ball. Kennedy recorded the moment on his cell phone.
At the time, neither Evans nor Kennedy was aware that this ball happened to be the 600th touchdown throw in Tom Brady's career, making him the first quarterback in NFL history to hit the milestone.
According to one estimate, the ball could have cost as much as $ 500,000 or more at auction.
On the sidelines, Evans found that he had accidentally given away a piece of NFL history and couldn't hold back his embarrassment.
A Buccaneers coach came over to negotiate with Kennedy and eventually retrieved the historic ball.
The broadcast reported that it was a signed shirt and a different, far less historic football. Kennedy also received a $ 1,000 gift certificate for the Buccaneers Team Store.
Fans watching at home followed the negotiations in real time.
While some fans believed Kennedy was getting the short end of the deal, speaking to the Tampa Bay Times, Kennedy seemed pleased with the deal he had made with the Buccaneers.
"Getting the ball was really cool. I don't usually sit in the front row so I've never got a ball," said Kennedy. “Giving up was hard. The trainer came over and asked about it. But what should I do?
"He asked about the ball. I didn't really need the ball. It was cool, I had to hold it, take pictures with it. And then Tom Brady wanted it, so I gave it back."
For what it's worth, Kennedy didn't give up the ball without a bit of pushback.
"I said no to the coach twice, but eventually I said yes," said Kennedy. "He said Tom Brady really wanted it."
On Monday, Kennedy added another request to his possible reward for returning the ball to Brady - a round of golf on the GOAT.
Ultimately, returning the ball was probably Kennedy's right move, the negotiating tactics aside. As he said, it's hard to say no to Brady, especially as a Buccaneers fan who is still basking in the glitz of a Super Bowl title that wouldn't have been possible without Brady.
On Monday, The Athletic's Greg Auman gave a full rundown of Kennedy's impressive return in trading.
Still, Kennedy would probably have gotten more for the ball if he'd lasted a little longer.
Hopefully he gets his round of golf here.
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