Bumble gives all employees a week off

Myles Udland, Brian Sozzi, and Julie Hyman discuss Bumble's decision to give each employee a paid week off to help employees recover from COVID burnout and the benefits it could bring to the company.
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JULIE HYMAN: Well, if you try to email someone who works at the dating app Bumble this week, you will get an out of office message for every single person in the company. They have 700 employees and have given everyone the week off to avoid or recover from COVID-related burnout. Apparently, Hootsuite is another company that recently did this. But not everyone was affected.
I mean, sure, that's great, but I think you know my views on this. I think we generally need to rethink the holiday culture in this country. People are reluctant to take vacation. When you go on vacation, don't take it. Many vacations are work vacations. And I think vacation is important. The more of it, the better. They make you a better person. They make you a better employee. And I'm all for it. Brian Sozzi grins over there because he's not a vacationer.
BRIAN SOZZI: I think you and I have opposing views and that's great. You know, it takes two to create a market. And that's all good, but only from a Bumble point of view do I like this initiative from CEO and founder Whitney Wolfe Herd. I mean, she has consistently shown that she wants to do things differently in the dating space. And maybe that's another sign that she's trying to do things differently when it comes to employees.
And look, let's see - consider what Bumble is. It's a growth company. And if, as a manager, you feel like your workforce is burning out while you try to come up with new ideas and get started right now, and now prove yourself on a stock market that is still getting used to you as a public company, then the company is Only went public a few months ago. It is important to give workers a break. Let them reset. Let her return to a growth mentality. And come back hard in a week or two.
MYLES UDLAND: I mean, I get paid to talk about things and have an opinion on things, even if I don't have that strong opinion on things. But I am surprised myself how difficult it is for me to have a clear view of what is going on here at Bumble. I mean, sure, I have no idea what their work ethic is, what internal emails were exchanged, what slacks they have there complaining about this or the other. Surely there is a certain amount of all of these things. Otherwise they wouldn't give all the staff a week off.
Julie, I agree that the vacation and leisure culture in the United States could certainly use some reforms. At the same time, I had the feeling that we had a little confirmation regarding the work expectations with hybrid and home office and what the future of work would look like. But we sat here and was told everyone goes back all the time and it's fine. And people who are in the office should be rewarded for going there. So I have a little trouble, I think, weighing up exactly what needs or should be changed, or how we would change something.
JULIE HYMAN: Yeah, I don't know. I suspect people can burn out even when working at home, maybe especially when working at home. I dont know. Perhaps then you will have no separation between work and home and go crazy. May be.
MYLES UDLAND: I would say for sure. I just think when we look to the future at what will and will not be sustainable, we recognize that burnout is a thing. We recognize that working from home is actually more difficult for many people.
And yet we're still not ready to give up on the notion that a button seat in the office is a political asset and one could be rewarded for it, which in my opinion is just a bad incentive that companies shouldn't pay off. Nevertheless, we strive towards this future, which of course is just like the past. I think it comes down to the more things change, the more they stay the same.
BRIAN SOZZI: Good show. I take the day off. Bye people.
JULIE HYMAN: Wow, unprecedented.
MYLES UDLAND: I'll be gone Friday. I'm out Friday.
JULIE HYMAN: All right.
MYLES UDLAND: So you got this going. Was just a joke.
JULIE HYMAN: Akiko and Zack will pick it up from us in two minutes. Have a nice day everyone, whether on vacation or at work. We'll be back tomorrow.
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