Burglar calls 999 for help after he gets stuck in window while breaking into home

Frederick Moulton was found hanging upside down (Image: Police)
A burglar called 999 for help after getting stuck in a window when breaking into a property in Swindon.
53-year-old Frederick Moulton was left hanging upside down after getting his leg caught in the empty house on Groundwell Road in the early hours of Thursday.
After he hadn't freed himself, he had to ask the emergency services for help.
Firefighters arrived to arrest him and then alerted police officers who arrested him when he was toppled.
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Moulton admitted amphetamine break-in and possession at Swindon Magistrates Court (Image: Getty)
The Wiltshire police said in a statement: “When he tried to climb in through a window, his leg was pinched, causing him to hang upside down inside.
As a result, he had to call the fire department and ask for release.
“The Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service called us and our officers arrived at the address with fellow fire fighters.
"On arrival, it was obvious that Frederick Moulton was trying to break in and was arrested at the scene."
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Moulton of Spring Close, Swindon, pleaded guilty to breaking into and possessing Class B amphetamine on Friday morning at Swindon Magistrates Court and received an 18-month community order.
He must meet certain requirements, including attending rehabilitation appointments.
Moulton will also have to pay a £ 95 victim surcharge and a £ 85 court fee.

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