By Filling ‘The Gap’ in the Electric Revolution, XL Stock Will Soar Above $100

Two days before Christmas 2020 - when many investors and traders just wanted to relax and prepare for the holidays - fleet electrification company XL Fleet (NYSE: XL) took Wall Street by storm, with XL stock up to 80% in a single move. rose day on the back of a confluence of good news.
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Nobody saw this big rally coming in XL stocks. Well, almost nobody.
In InvestorPlace's financial newsletter, The Daily 10X Stock Report, which aims to get a stock selection to your inbox every day that could increase at least 10x, I alerted subscribers on December 18 that XL- Stocks an explosive game in the market are electric vehicle revolution with huge long-term upside potential.
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At the time, the XL share price was $ 15. Today's XL stock price is north of $ 30 - meaning XL stock has doubled in less than a week for Daily 10X subs.
In other words, no one but The Daily 10X subscribers saw this massive rally in XL stocks ... and when the big rally came before everyone else, these subs made 100% of their money in four trading days.
Believe it or not, The Daily 10X makes it natural to be alerted to big winners before they host breakout rallies. These subscribers were also informed about Nio (NYSE: NIO), Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG), MindMed (OTCMKTS: MMEDF), FuboTV (NASDAQ: FUBO), QuantumScape (NASDAQ: QS), Luminar (NASDAQ: LAZR) and JinkoSolar (NYSE: JKS), Blink Charging (NASDAQ: BLNK), Digital Turbine (NASDAQ: APPS), and many, many others before these stocks ran big breakout rallies and made gains of over 100% on all of these names as well To find out about the newsletter, click here.
But back to XL stock, I think that big December breakout could actually just be the start of a much bigger, longer uptrend that saw stocks climb above $ 100.
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This is how it could happen.
The gap in the electric vehicle revolution
The world's passenger and commercial fleets will be electrified.
That's for sure. With falling costs, legislative changes and improved technology, electric cars, buses, vans and trucks are increasingly becoming the global norm.
However, the ubiquity of electric vehicles is still a long way off.
Most of the cars on the road (around 97%) run on fossil fuels today. Almost the entire automotive production capacity in the world is designed for the production of gas and diesel vehicles.
Producing enough electric vehicles to displace the tens of millions of gas and diesel cars, buses, vans, and trucks on the road will require a "realignment" of the global auto manufacturing network - something that will inevitably take years or even decades to complete.
But now we have to reduce CO2 emissions.
And this is how “The Gap” comes into being in the EV revolution.
Today in the automotive market there is a large gap between the robust demand and the need for clean energy vehicles and the limited supply to meet that demand.
Someone has to fill that void.
That someone will be XL Fleet - which is of course good news for XL Stock.
The plug-and-play solution from XL for decarbonising fleets
The story goes on

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