C7 Corvette Impounded For Speeding In Canada

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A trend seems to be emerging here ...
On April 17, an unidentified person driving over double the speed limit in a C7 Corvette on the Coquihalla Highway in British Columbia was stopped by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. As you already know, this beloved Chevy Corvette was confiscated from that person. Taking away here is not a mess with the RCMP or the Mounties as they are also lovingly called north. This isn't the first time Canadian law enforcement has tossed the book at a speeder.
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According to a report, a BC RCMP Traffic Services official in Merritt was speeding the highway when he was clocking the Corvette at 150 mph. For all of our American readers, that's 150 miles an hour. To be honest, that kind of speed would throw you in jail and confiscate your car pretty much anywhere.
Photo credit: BC RCMP Traffic Services
In true Canadian friendliness, the driver of this white C7 Corvette was not given any special wristbands or a trip to the slammer. Instead, they were served an appearance notice of excessive speed. That means a date with a judge. This is not all good, because in the end the penalties could be higher than allowed for an officer writing just one ticket. RCMP has reportedly been looking at other options that could have the driver's license suspended for some time.
You'd think everyone would understand that the RCMP and other Canadian law enforcement agencies aren't messing around in speeding up, but apparently not all have received the memo. In March of that year, a white C8 Corvette was driven twice in Saanich, Vancouver Island after driving 100 km / h in a 50 km / h zone. This C8 was confiscated, just like this C7.
Also in March, a Dodge Charger was confiscated after the driver had driven 152 km / h in a zone of 80 km / h. This driver at least had a creative excuse for accelerating and said he thought the rim on his car was rattling but had to go faster to be sure.
Source: Radio NL
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